To Balochistan With Love! The New Long March

In case any one of you had a feeling that Long March could happen only for one cause, and in our life time we have availed our share by being witness to the Judicial Long March is totally wrong. For a reminder not one but in fact two such events are in the pipeline, first led by Jamhuri Watan Party Baluchistan President Shah Zain Bugti and the other planned by PML-N to put Musharraf on trial. For the time being I will stick to JWP’s March as I believe that the cause behind this holds considerable importance.

From the outset the March is limited to a very small agenda. In his own words Mr. Zain highlighted two main goals namely

1. To register an FIR against former President Musharraf and stand him trial
2. A return of forces deployed during Musharraf ‘s time and the return of Bugti’s to their native land.

May be sitting here as we have done in the past, one can argue that military might is the only solution, the Sardars are nothing but a band of self centered powerful individuals, Pakistan has every right to their resources and they are born and will live in the age of darkness as it’s their fate. If that is what we feel I am sorry to say but this approach and its implementation both are out dated, it is time that Baluchistan must be viewed from the lens of today rather than the traditional mind frame.

So logically what do we have when we talk on Baluchistan today! our largest province which is no less than in a state of civil war (you can disagree if you like), more than 5 active separatist movement operating in the province, where the time trusted leadership has been eliminated either by military action, target killing or by the outside agents, where a size able majority declared 14th August as the black day and if I keep on adding attributes to the list, soon it will be hard even for myself to asses how bad this is.

In any case let us fall back to the original topic under discussion, Baluchistan. The JWP under Shah Zain Bugti have decided to launch the Long March, not from New Delhi but from Minar e Pakistan, Lahore. We are witnessing in reality history in the making, where the young blood and most influential man from Baluchistan have come to us, by which I mean Punjab, Sindh and NWFP, to undo the mistakes committed by the establishment or else it gets too late. Till now PML-N, MQM, TIP, JI and other parties have voiced their support for the cause. The list also includes NGO’s, human right groups, national and international media. But what will really contribute to the strength of this march will be the civil society and ordinary Pakistanis.

The murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti was no less than a tragedy for the entire Pakistan. I have grown up listening to stories of his links with outside powers, his hidden agendas but in reality nothing ever came against him. He was the only unifying natural gift we had in Baluchistan that was lost for good. It was that mistake that has backfired in the practical shape as we see it today. Our establishment can go to Sharam al Sheikh and raise slogans in front of Indians not to intervene in Baluchistan, but neither the media nor the masses in Pakistan have been shown those secret evidences. I have no doubt that it is no one else than India which has played the trick in Baluchistan via Afghanistan, but by not exposing this I am certain that taking aid of this mystery, another notorious game is being played from our side too.

Time and time we are fed up of listening to BLA, Braham Dagh and bla bla. Is it impossible to solve a mystery like this? Not at all. It’s very simple, and the most urgently needed steps are as following

1. Setup a full bench judicial commission to probe the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti. The commission should also probe the circumstances under which the operation was undertaken along with the mysteries attached with it.
2. Once and for all the establishment should come out clear with the evidence of foreign involvement in Baluchistan and their agents. If any one like Braham Dagh is found working for the anti federation forces, without any delay either he is to be declared enemy of the state or else negotiate with him(though in the past negotiation have been done with many like this)
3. A parliament commission must be set up to settle the matter of financial payments and royalty charges to the Balouchis. In addition to this armed forces must be present to level that is necessary only.
4. It is well understood that the present Baluchistan assembly is entirely incapable. What an assembly where nearly every member is a minister and the only opposition (Rind) has left the province for his security.

Classified reports online like “Operation Blue Tulsi” have clearly stated that the whole drama of the doctor’s rape in SUI and its immediate fallout was managed by RAW and this has started the fire which we see today slowly engulfing the whole of the Baluchistan. We have a chance to undo the past, give due importance and respect to the leaders who are loyal to the federation and once and for all save Pakistan from another 1971. Let us make every Balouchi feel that they have the same right on Pakistan as every Sindhi, Punjabi and Pathan has. Let us make not break this dream so dear to us.

May Allah Bless This Land of Pure.

5 thoughts on “To Balochistan With Love! The New Long March”

  1. Baluchistan deserves priority one attention.

    Many issues to be resolved. God bless all Pakistani Baluch brothers and sisters.

    Inshallah once the development comes in and control over resources is in their hands, they can be richest province in all Pakistan.

    but on their side, they need to reform their Nawab/Saardar system. It is feudal, it is brutal, and it is backwards. Even in Pakhtunkhwa they are using democratic Malik/Jirga system to settle and discuss issues. But the Baluch nawabs are selfish and corrupt people. They want to keep the Baluchis backwards.

    Govt. must give more attention on this. Also, Baluch should have more representatives in National Assembly

  2. In my opinion we should not only participate in this Long March but try all other means to pressurize the Govt. to take immediate steps to resolve the issues of Baluchistan. This province needs immediate attention and not just promises or committees.


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