Tips for a more successful job search

Here are some tips to make your online job search more successful.

Stay fast: Respond to job postings in a timely manner. Employers are making their hiring decisions a lot faster these days.

Application: Use the application process, as opposed to the interview, as your first step in the door and make it count.

Instructions: Follow online instructions and employer requirements carefully.

Resume: Include words on your resume that will enhance your chances of being identified by recruiters conducting online searches. Make sure you spell them correctly; job search programs won’t pick up misspelled

Appearance: Demonstrate through your resume that you are a perfect candidate for the job. Clearly communicate your skills and qualifications as they relate to the job profile.

Specification: Be specific about your career history.

Consider organizational culture: If you prefer a structured and predictable environment and the employer needs someone who can operate with flexibility and in an ambiguous environment, the fit might not be there.

First impression: Demonstrate professionalism on the formal side. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Avoid the deadly dozen resume mistakes: Employer is less interested in your height, weight, health, gender, marital status, number of children, religion, ethnic origin, and date of birth, reasons for leaving previous positions, photos, and salary history rather than your qualification and experience.

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