Time to Comply

The day when the hundreds of lawmakers in the national assembly of Pakistan took oath, a suicide bomber struck in the Saidu Sharif area of Swat, and reminded the executives about the challenges they face in their tenure.

These newly elected parliamentarians have inherited a dense clouds of terror and misery. They must understand from day one that they are not there to enjoy the power, pricks and pelf, rather they are there to really grill themselves day in and day out to resolve the issues of the nation.

Most of these members are not here for the first time. Rather most of them have been here multiple times already and they know what it takes to be there and what it takes not to be there. These members now must appreciate the value of freedom and democracy, and they must learn from the past.

These are the men and women who have been repeatedly thrown out from their mandated chairs, and these are the men and women who have been used, abused and exploited by the establishment.

This time, apparently, the top leadership of these members are committed to not to kowtow the lines of establishment. These members must ensure that they comply.

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