Time For Musharraf

When General Yahya was cornered by the angry mob of people, who threw stones at him and abused him in Rawalpindi, he said that no dictator should leave his uniform and power, otherwise people will just screw him.

As the uniform of President Musharraf goes down and he leaves the throne of chief of army staff, nobody seems to be afraid of him, and his previous long iron-fisted regime seems to be a distant memory. Though he is trying hard frantically to stick to the power with the help of his old friends MQM and PML-Q, and now with the aide of some PPP ministers and the fruits of NRO, his departure is imminent, and the sooner he understands that the better.

He has become a thoroughly despicable figure and the source of chaos, instability and problems in the country and it is his figure which is producing backlash from the tribal and Baloch areas. For the good sake of country, he must step down himself and save whatever ounce of dignity he is left with.

If Pakistan is to return to democratic and constitutional governance, Musharraf has to go.

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