Threat to Coalition from Within

President Pervez Musharraf has called the crucial National Assembly session at 5.00 P.M. in the evening on August 11, following the ruling alliance’s announcement to go for the impeachment of the President. With that, a new round of contentious politics is practically in the go, and now a tense wait starts.

With that also, President Musharraf has started an extensive lobbying and he is trying to muster support from the Army and America, but so far he has failed to draw any muscular support from there, and there is very unlikely chance that he would get any in the near future before 11th of August.

Though Musharraf won’t be impeached on 11th August, but the process would start and it would take multiple weeks before we could see a changed person in the President House, and for that to happen both PML-N and PPP have to stick together and to overcome many gigantic hurdles and shenanigans.

Altaf Hussain of MQM has already said that he would be standing with the PML-Q and other toadies to save and support Musharraf, and that also goes for the other turncoats who have left with no option. But the real threat to the coalition comes from within as Zardari is very unreliable.

1 thought on “Threat to Coalition from Within”

  1. i think the current goverment must resign immediately bcz it has got nobody who could lead Pakistan in this difficult time. I prefer president bcz he supported Pak though the deadly 9/11 crisis, then AQ khan crisis, and several economic crisis which our useless democratic goverments left for us. In his time dollar never exceeded above 60 PKR and u know how much it is now.

    we dotn want dynastic rule of some families on the name of democracy. Even if the dictator is taking Pakistan into right direction, I am fully with him. i dotn want the dummy democracy which leads pakistan into crisis, which the curretn “”DEMOCRATIC”” goverment has done in just few months. God forbid…..what its gonna do if it completed its term.


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