This Is What Islam Is

Recently, too many unfortunate events are happening in Islamic world and making not only me but several others, questioning their faith, especially regarding Islamic Republic State of Pakistan. That Lal Masjid fiasco made me ashamed and not only that, the way we proudly showed our dirty laundry to the whole world, it filled me with distaste when I saw (and still seeing) many so-called educated moderate people using explicit language for Maulvis and Maulanas in front of the whole world even though they were the icons of respect and dignity once in Islam.

Last month I was in Iran and I didn’t like what I saw because many women treat Islam as if it’s caging them and people over there don’t trust their government at all . I met a biology professor over there who studied in States and came back to serve Iran, I asked her if Iranians are afraid of USA attacking them, she laughed loudly and said “Why USA should bother to attack us when with just one nod of approval she can start another shia-sunni controversy, with such internal wars we Iranian will automatically crumble down”. It made me angry and than it made me mad because that’s what the truth is, yes we are weak and we are proudly showing it to the world to look how proudly we are cursing our very own Maulvis and Maulanas. It is simply mortifying!

But few days ago, I was talking to my friend who studies in States and since she is originally from Pakistan and a Muslim, she founded Muslim-Awareness committee along with her fellow Muslim class fellows there in States with the approval of her university, many students approach her and other members of this committee to ask her about what really Islam is. She said people over there are polite and peace loving, but sometimes her committee have to face anti-Islamic people as well.

Few weeks ago, after the Lal-Masjid fiasco, few people under the leadership of an old man organized a demonstration against Islam, holding up banners claiming that Islam is the religion of Terrorism and should be wiped off from the surface of earth. Naturally Muslims students over there were very upset and few young people even went to the chairperson of the Muslim committee to ask his permission to teach that old man a lesson, he absolutely refused and asked them to be patient, clearly foreseeing that such act will only spark more aggressive reaction. He asked them to remain patient and watched the whole demonstration peacefully, after a while when that old man grew tired of screaming, he sat down to rest. The chairperson than asked one of the guys to fetch that old man a chilled glass of water, he did that and offered water to that man. He accepted it gratefully and after drinking, he said:

“Thank you son, you’re a good Christian”

“No sir, I am Muslim and this is what Islam is”, he answered politely and went away.

I don’t know who that guy was, but he made me realize that this what Islam is!

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  1. No number of young people know enough to teach elders lessons. Elders have seen it before, youngsters haven’t. So, unless you’ve got a TOTALLY new approach, which doesn’t look in ANY way like what has been seen before, you’re dreaming.

  2. AssalamOalaikum All,

    I red few comments about Islam and muslims. I just want to ask first to myself and then to you….why we muslims always see others first why we can not be a good human, very good, productive, and very positive person first. Please keep in mind what we do even small things being a part of our society …it all counts and reflect us. So kindly first be a very good human being regardless of religion then you will see the result. I am sure it might take some time but will be in our favor.

  3. if you have been studying you should know there is a hadeeth where nabi akram (pbuh) have said that there will come a time when you will be in millions but your will be weak and
    other nations will invite eachother to rollover you –

    exactly that is what happening around us – I have nothing against the molvis but I also blame them for all the weakness in the religion – these people who are self proclaimed
    “keeper of islam” have not done thier bit right and instead have used the faith for thier personal reasons –

    when was the last time when you have gone to jumma prayer and the molana sb. have recited something from quran or tried to tell you something which can improve your life rather than telling you what imam bukhari used to eat and how abdul qadir jilani lived etc etc.

    when you are 6 feet under – you will not be asked about them – you will be answering your deeds – what you have done – namaz – roza – zakat – so the base is weak that is why we have so many ignorent muslims all around us – who have not opened up a book in years – I tried this so often – since I pray in various mosques – I had put a question to them all during namaz “how many have you read quran with translation?” or “when was the last time someone
    say tahajed ?” and would see a hand or 2 in the crowd of hundred.

    we are not sticking to our basics – it all starts with prayer – it makes you humble and it gives you a positive outlook on life –

    we dont pray regularly but we are quick to criticise someone the way he is saying his prayer – prayer is for Allah – let him judge that – who give us the right to say if shia prays right or the sunni? –

    you pray !!! simple…. and let Allah decide what he will accept and what he is not – the negative approach in religion has not only weakened it but also made it a laughable matter in the views of those who are not related to it –

    who gives you the right to get up and kill a shia or sunni or a qadyani or any other sect (in pakistani) just because you don’t like them? who has given you right to like or not

    you call yourself “ummah of the nabi (pbuh)” – the Nabi (pbuh) whose life is filled with generousity – Nabi (pbuh) who has not used any foul language for any non-muslim – is this what you are following? going out with your gun and killing someone with a faith that you will enter jannah by killing someone who does not share your faith? you are a hypocrite
    and you are weak muslim when you do and think like that and you let other use you for thier plans –

    religion becomes strong thru a community and not a single person – we are weak from the inside – devided into sects – we call ourselves muslims but we have so much haterd for each other (in different sects) – the reason we dominiated the world was the we were all going as one !!! and the fall came when we devided ourselves and stopped caring –

    what good came out from 9/11? what good came out from iraq? afghanistan? lal masjid or any other place where force was used, what good? religion’s example is like your body – if the immune system is strong you will not get sick – same happens with religion, when it becomes weak … other penetrate & then the downfall starts !!!

    now is the time to tolerate the other religions – everything will come with tolerance –

    we all know – you will not be asked for anyone else – you will only be answerable for your deeds – then why can’t you make your life better and let other do thiers? or is that too hard to understand? or you do not wish to understand?

    May Allah give hidaya to us all – Amin

    Bilal Hameed

  4. We have to see the things in a more general perspective. Specific incidents cannot point to a general concept. As a whole Muslims are faced with injustice. When there is injustice, there would be extremism. There can be an exceptional incident in which a SUFI offers a glass of water to a tyrant, but we all are not SUFIS. Look at the beauty of this religion: the best among Muslims is one who forgives; but every Muslim cannot be the BEST. We should tell our non-Muslim friends to be logical and look at the cause before effect, before blaming us.

    And don’t be depressed. God knows what He is doing. And he manages best for every human. You just have to be honest with yourself.

  5. You can’t define Islam like that you should have said this is what a Muslim is !!!! our religion is much more than that MashAllah we are blessed with a great and glorious religion, Islam 🙂
    all in all great blog:)


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