This doomed planet

Earth has gone through cataclysms before. Almost everyone who knows a bit of science has heard about the extinction of the dinosaurs (these were animals which our mullahs have never heard about). This event took place sixty five million years ago, when a comet crashed into the surface of the earth. The impact raised a huge cloud of dust, blocking all sunshine, and causing most living things to die. It took a long time for the earth to return to normal. But before this mass extinction ago, the earth had gone through another battering. This happened about two hundred and fifty six million years ago (the earth has been in existence for over four billion years, although your religious scholars on TV don’t know it). Thousands of volcanic eruptions spewed sulfhur and methane into the atmosphere, with the result that ninety percent of all living things died a sudden death. For ten million years, it was almost a dead planet. But then, since humans were not there to do any damage, it started to recover. Now, since global warming is proceeding so rapidly, the danger is that the damage will be irreversible. And it is doubtful if humans will survive the approaching catastrophe. Which may be just as well, considering that it is humans (people like Bush) who are responsible for the vast damage to the planet.

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  1. Dear Shakir,

    Its not a new fact that the earths age is 4.6 billion years. IN the vedic period the Indian rashis, some how calculated that the earth was 4.3 billion years in age. Their calculation about 4000 years from now was close to the bulls eye. Well their atleast two theories which explain the extinction of dinosaurs

    1. The comet and asteriod theory

    2. The extiction of dinosaurs during the formation of Deccan palins.

  2. As some progressive intellectuals have stated to put it: it’s no longer a question of progress or barbarity, but a issue of progress of destruction.

    The modern capitalist system, in my view, is great threat to humanity and merits active resistance.


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