Thirst for entertainment

One of the few differences between humans and apes, despite both having near-identical brains and bodies, is the thirst for entertainment found among humans. Of course, there are people all over the world who believe that anything which gives pleasure to the mind or the body is sinful, and one should refrain from whatever diverts the mind from serious matters. I would say about ten percent of humans are in this category, the kind that go around with mournful expressions and making life miserable for their fellow beings with their warnings about what will happen to them after they’re dead.

I wasn’t surprised to read that even in a closed society like Afghanistan, people love watching the popular Indian TV soap program “Saas bhi kabhi bahoo thi.” I don’t watch it myself, since it is the kind of program that appeals mostly to females, but I understand why the Afghans like it. The poor chaps have been starved for entertainment for decades now, and anything that diverts their minds from the mass starvation and killings in their country is a welcome thing. So, every evening when the program is telecast, the streets are deserted. But, as expected, the mullahs have stepped in and asked the authorities to ban the telecasting of the play on the grounds that there is a real danger of Afghans becoming idol worshippers! So the poor Afghans will now have to buy dish antennas or DVDs to know what happens to the daughter-in-law and whether the mother-in-law succeeds in taming her. I say, good luck to the Afghans, may they always enjoy themselves!

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