Thinking Really Matters…

Yesterday I came to hear news on the TV about the spread of the bird flu. Ahhh….

Not again….I remember that from last two years, we have been avoiding chicken in the bird flu season. Last year when it spread, one of my cousins got fever, sore throat and flu. She was sitting aside me and I was reading the newspaper. In that was an article on the bird flu and the symptoms were also stated. I was taken aback when I read all those were in my cousin and for the moment I thought she might have also caught it. I made a very bad face on reading it. She also saw it and asked me what I was reading. I said nothing but she snatched the paper and read it. Then she started weeping and saying that “I’ve got this bird flu. I’ll be no more”. Every one at the home scolded me. But “She” was ok and a few days later the fever disappeared.

Actually she fears a lot and to make situation worse she catches the symptoms whenever an epidemic spreads. This year she had high fever that was not falling down when the dingy fever spread. She wept a lot saying that “. “I’ve got this dingy fever. I’ll be no more”. But she is now ok. So whenever I meet her I say “Oh I can’t believe you have survived of the bird flu and the dingy, it’s great”

Sometimes it is not that we are really sick but the fears makes us sick or think so. So to say we have a disease we convince ourselves that we really have all the symptoms as we read in the first year English course book “The man who was a hospital in himself”. So the thing is that how and what we think is more important. If we think positive, things will go positive InshAllah.

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  1. I can’t agree more. Our thoughts direct us in the course of life. The only thing which bars us from success is our mental barriers.

    You have struck gold with your first post.


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