Thinking is Meditation

When Thomas Pynchon said, “If one spent one’s whole day working and sleeping there would be no time for observation, let alone thought.”, he was pointing towards the key to world’s progress.

Done well, thinking is meditate. By talking it aloud with, getting to know, developing a feeling for (and perhaps a desire to help) all parties, planning is the hunt for the highest common denominator, something which will make all parties happy. And the fact that they are there is key; its much harder to compromise, you do need to make a bit of a leap, a reframe, a reformulation to get all thoughts on board.

Exhaustion caused by the daily chores and the time blown away in sleep is what needs to be shortened. Time should be deliberately taken out for meditative thinking. Hardwork is to gain some sublime position and stick to it, but the real point of excellence is to meditate after the sublime state and based on observations, think hard and more to go ahead.

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