The words and the slants of PML-N

Qazi Hussain Ahmad said in a television address that Nawaz Sharif chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had no impetus to remind Pakistan People’s Party of its promises regarding restoration of judge’s issue because Nawaz himself had dishonored settlements and agreements in recent past made with the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI).

Qazi said that Nawaz Sharif had violated various accords with me in the previous days. These allegations though sound meaningful in the context that before elections of February 2008 Nawaz Sharif had promised him that he would boycott the elections but he did not keep his words. But one cannot accuse or suspect Nawaz’s intensions merely on this ground. Despite winning the elections PML-N has taken a firm stand on the issue of restoration of judiciary since there government has been established. It was for the attainment of these issues that PML-N participated in the General Election 2008. But PPP had been ignoring and postponing the core matters that need urgent consideration.

It was on the basis of these consecutive and continuous disruptions that PML-N had decided to leave the coalition. If the party would have been in any kind of power lust or greed it had always an open opportunity to let go the judges issue after Pervez Musharraf resignation. But the slant installed by PML-N has proved that there party has reached a level where individual’s interest is not above state’s interest.

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