The true essence of Islam

Propagating the misinterpreted concepts of Islam nowadays are at there heights all over the world. They have been used by both political and non-state entities internationally as well as domestically for there interest. Both of these entities have destroyed the true essence of Islam. It has also worked as a key factor to narrate Islam as the, “terrorist’s religion”. The most terrible notion in this regard is the fact that international media surely has exploited the Muslims regardless of being aware or unaware of the fact that it has caused serious damage to the world societies.

For example, nowadays the most common concept, “Jihad” is intelligently used by them and has become the root cause for all evils. This word jihad is interpreted as “The Holy War” by both international media and terrorists organizations (read as the organizations who don’t want peace and prosperity for there interests). As far as Islam is concerned this word means “to strive” and has nothing to do with concepts like holy war or soldiers of God. In fact the holy war was a concept established during by the Crusades.

It’s just the time when Muslims themselves must learn the true essence of Islam and help educate the world that this religion itself meaning “Peace” and cannot preach to fight for unjustified reasons. It cannot preach to kill innocent life’s rather it makes an obligation on Muslims to use it as a last resort.

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