The Torturing Teacher

When you are studying in some educational institute, there are a lot of tensions that keep around you the whole academic year. These may be assignments, tests, papers, and sometimes it may be any of your teachers.

Well I have it too…One of our teachers who we have always found to be very torturing. He seems never satisfied and takes out errors when we think that we are going to give in the final copy. These days when I am doing my thesis, he has made mountain of a mole. About one and a half months have been passed and he is still pulling us through the synopsis. Every time we correct our mistakes and go to him and he succeeds to find another. I fear I don’t have any spelling mistake. More than four copies have been submitted but the result is dis satisfactory.

He keeps on checking formats and not that how much the student understands. So tired of all, I didn’t go to show him my synopsis again. Now many of the students have been notified of the presentation and meeting that should be with the other faculty members and I know they would not consider the formats but the actual understanding.

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