The Plight Of Rape Victims

Is a victim’s plight caused by the rapist, or by society? I can’t understand why people in the subcontinent, Muslims and Hindus, point fingers at rape victims, as though being raped is some kind of a crime. No woman goes to a rapist and says, rape me. So why the negative and appaling attitude of society towards rape victims?

A lot of families, especially in rural areas, refuse to have any contact with a rape victim, because she supposedly brings shame on the family. Some lunatics even kill rape victims, because she ended up fornicating. How did she end up fornicating, and how does she bring shame on the family?

Movies have used rape as a promotional tool rather than show the reality behind it. Bollywood was famous for it. The censor board would not allow sex, so Bollywood would include rape in their movies instead, and the scene would be made to look erotic instead of heartwrenching.

It is unbelievable that their are some mullahs, who, instead of blaming rapists, blame the victim instead, saying she invited it somehow. Others without any common sense start parroting it.

There have been countless cases where women have gathered the courage to file a complaint at the local police station, only to be raped by the police.

The punishment for rape is 7 years if I am correct. Is this because the rapist can be freed to rape some more?

If there is anyone that brings shame due to a woman’s rape, then that is society.

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  1. Yes, there are many pregnant teenagers in the west, and a lot of them go through abortions. This is a fact. But it still doesn’t mean they are immoral. Brainwashed is more like it, something I have repeatedly stated.

  2. @ Yusha: you may not have said “all” Western women are morally corrupt, but you did imply that “most” Western women are. Remember your post about there are being many (I forget whether it was ‘”hundreds” or “thousands”) 13-year old pregnant girls in the U.S.?

  3. (You must have noticed that if you write about child marriages or rape, no one bothers to show disgust at these crimes, but the moment sex education is taught to girls (or boys), there is a huge uproar. Apparently that is a bigger issue to people in the subcontinent.)

    >I once had a business partner (15 years older than me) who thought (like most Pakistani Muslims do) that Western women love being raped. I showed the movie to him and he was surprised at the way the woman resisted the rapist.
    >Of course the video was not real, I said it was a movie.

    If it was a movie, why was your partner surprised that the woman was resisting the rape?

    >But he was just like you, thinking that all Western women are morally corrupt.

    I never said that all western women are morally corrupt.

  4. @ Yusha: “You still didn’t answer my question about the Pakistani changing his mind to the rape movie you showed him.” I don’t know if he changed his mind, and he can’t tell me anything about it now, since he’s dead. But he was just like you, thinking that all Western women are morally corrupt (and want to be raped). I showed him the movie to make him understand that Western women are not much different from Eastern women, they too don’t like to be raped. Actually, it all started with a book I read about a white woman being raped, and how it took her three whole years to forget the incident. When I told him this, he said, “It shouldn’t have made any difference to her, all white women want to be raped.”).


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