The Pink flower fairy…

Some times I wish I had loads of pink flowers, and I could go around the world and give it to children…And yes I were the fairy of the pink-flowers.

I love kids and i love pink flowers and it makes me feel that the pink flowers will make the childern happy if given by a fairy..

Childern are the only source of truth and innocence left on this earth and teh pink flowers always gives me a feeling of freshness.That’s how i link them ..

I wish I cud make every child smile. With no pain, no ugly fears of hunger or responsibility. A beautiful smile with broken teeth..umm may be a running nose too..

Disgusting??? Hmm I think that’s beauty in the purest form..the beauty of truth and innocence the reflection of which is seen within.

The carefree eyes worry free mind and the truth of innocence…a wonderful combination.That I truly seek in this world of betray, ignorance, deception and

Wish I were the pink flower fairy who could bring smile to all those innocent faces.

The fairy Godmother to just sway the magical wand and give chocolates, happiness smile toys and a lifetime to the kids.

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