The mother of all dreams!

I had such a pleasant dream last night that I’m beginning to think there’s such a thing as”white magic” (as opposed to “black magic”, with which one particular chap here is deeply obsessed with).

In my dream I saw President Musharraf talking to Bush on the phone. “We Pakistanis have had enough, Mr. President! We will no longer fight your so-called war on terror, which is actually meant to substantially reduce the population of Muslims. And don’t ask me to stay in office any longer. I’m going to address the nation tonight. I shall apologize for my mistakes and ask my people to forgive me, before telling them I do not intend to remain president any more. And by the way, while we’re on the subject, I’d advise you also to withdraw your forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, suspend all aid to Israel immediately and apologize to the Muslim world for all the atrocities which the U.S. has perpetrated on it.”

As I said, this was a dream, but for a few minutes I felt a deep glow of satisfaction which can never be experienced by those who believe in black magic.

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