The mother of all agreements

The agreement between PPP and PML(N) to share power is indeed a historic one and will be remembered for all times. One wishes they’ll both stick to it, as the nation dearly wants the country to progress. Although this kind of thing was unthinkable a couple of months back, the two have seen the logic of being united to get rid of an illegally elected president and to put the country back on the road to democracy. With an independent judiciary acting to check the excesses of power by the politicians, the loot and plunder which characterized their earlier stints will be a thing of the past. Now the only way to go is forward. By offering the slot of prime minister to Nawaz, Mr. Zardari displayed a degree of political maturity which one could never have expected from a Pakistani politician. His sense of humour is refreshing and one can see that the man will not bend under pressure. If he can control his partymen and ministers effectively, there is no reason why he should not be prime minister himself. After all, he’s the one whose party got the largest number of votes.

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