The month of Ramadan distressful due to record price hikes

With the beginning of the holy month Ramadan another phase of upsurge in prices has further increased. It has been observed that despite governments’ efforts to control prices of daily commodities during this month, still consumers fall prey and face sever price hitch ups. This year the government has setup a conglomerate to preside over the outlets such as Utility stores etc around the country. These outlets play an important role in demonstrating increase or stability in prices but due to lack of supervision and management, people face strain in obtaining the right thing at right price.

Unlike western countries where prices are lowered up to 50% when any national festival arrives, Pakistani trade community has setup a custom of remarkable price hikes. The business class here leaves no set of circumstances demarcate a new record in raising prices of items that are in demand. Similarly most trader wait all year for this month to profit more in a shorter span of time. One can say that due to the ineffectiveness of government price controlling measures in validating the surging food inflation it is now the costumers own responsibility to take care of its own interests.

Not only in Ramadan but also off season the hoarders of essential commodities take full advantage of this opportunity particularly when they aware that the stocks of some items available with the government are short or insufficient.

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