The miserable state of Pakistan

Islam is about submitting to the teachings of Islam. Allah is the creator and He, in his infinite wisdom, knows what is best for us. When a person obeys Allah he/she advances in spirituality and feels peace in his/her soul. A person’s eman increases with increasing obedience to Allah.

Allah did not randomly choose what should be allowed in Islam and what shouldn’t. The things that are not allowed by Allah are harmful for human beings and the things allowed by Allah are what benefit humans. While indulging in the things that Allah has not allowed, people have only seen misery, destruction and death.

It can be seen, shockingly, among Muslims, the way they not only go against what Allah has said but actually challenge it. Things like, bring me proof or where is it mentioned and go ahead and make fun.

Pakistanis not only do the very things that Allah has told them not to do, but think that those things will benefit them. Just take once glance at Pakistan. Look at its miserable state. Do I need to point out that it is a result of sinning like there is no tomorrow.

Muslims have this tendency to make fun of the teachings of Islam, or more specifically, things that Allah has told them, and look up to the West. Do Muslims not see that the very things, the very laws that the West has set up has resulted in their destruction. Can man made laws in a Godless civilization ever benefit human beings?

Muslims should stop looking up to the West and admiring them. Instead, they should indulge themselves in following the orders of Allah. Something that will result in the need of the soul being fulfilled, will fill the house will noor and barakah, will lift the anger of Allah, will benefit the country as a whole, and result in the condition of Pakistan becoming better.

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  1. a very well written article indeed, the west is demonic , western principles of individualism are fundementaly anti-islamic, “muslims” should be discouragred to adopt evil western culture and should only live their lives in accoradance to laws of islam , west is the enemy of islam , all muslims should wage a jihad against satanic west , countries like turkey are a disgrace to islam , sharia should be implemented in all islamic countries islam is the only true religion and islamic culture is the most superiour culture in this world , muslims all over the world in lands of kafirs should start demanding sharia law for them or else wage jihad , neither western culture nor westerners should be allowed to enter islamic lands , islam will take over the world because allah is with islam , the whole world will be made muslim because islam is the true religion


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