The Men Invisible

Forces of Light: Among the followers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is a class of people of Genesis Masters. They are all called the Unseen Men (Rijaal ul Gaib). This class consists of Ghauth, Qutb, Autad, Abdal, Najuba, Nuqaba and Akhyar. Ghauth or Qutb-ul-Aqtab is chief of all. He is esoteric successor or deputy and Caliph of Prophet (p.b.u.h). There is always a Ghauth in the world. He also officiates as the Teacher Qutb. These Qutbs work under him. Under him there are seven Autads. Forty Abdals work under the Autads. The Nujaba, Nuquba and Akhyar work under them. This is an esoteric department consisting of three hundred and sixty saints of Allah Almighty.

They are in command of every inch of the world. The lowest Master amongst them is protector of people twelve miles around. He keeps even a sparrow’s egg under his observation and control. In the territory under his control he knows the amount of salt put by the women in the kettles and flour, and through divine knowledge bestowed by Allah the Most High, he is aware of all the small and big things and incidents in the area under his control. These are the people about whom Allah the Most high has said:

“Verily in the Psalms of David, after the account of commemoration, We have written down the pious people will inherit our land. In this there is a general message for the worshipful people.”

That is to say that there is a general proclamation for all my slaves for those who enter themselves amongst the pious (i.e., the virtous and selected of Allah the Most High through excess of commemoration and worship) are the real ones in power and heirs in the world as is said,

“Obey Allah, His Prophet and those in Power amongst you.” Those in power does not at all mean the visible, heretical, tyrant, infidel and irreligious rulers of the world, who have taken illegal possession and unlawful control of the oppressed and helpless creation of Allah the Most High through treachery, deceit, tyranny and oppression. The machinery of whose tyrannical and despotic government oppresses and grinds the poor and sucks the blood of helpless and needy. In fact there is an esoteric, invisible government of the invisible over and above the material governments. The latter is like a shadow to the former. The exoteric material rulers have a sway over the exoteric material bodies. Whereas the esoteric spiritual officials control the world of esoteric hearts and spirits. Since the exoteric body is in bondage and control of the esoteric hearts and spirits, whatever the latter command the former involuntarily obey. The body is in the grip of heart like a pen in the hand of a writer which writes whatever the masters tells it to do.

Henceforth the real rulers and men in command are those people who control the invisible world and rule the hearts and spirits. Hence real and true rulership belongs to the department of these Unseen Men, commandants, men of the genesis and controllers and infact they rule the world. At the time of writing a judgment the heart of the exoteric ruler is in the fingers of the esoteric rulers like the pen in the fingers of the esoteric ruler. Hence they are real people who deliver judgments and deliver orders though ostensibly the material people appear to us to rule and run the governments. But externally we can neither see them nor feel their actions like we cannot feel the acts of hearts and spirit.

These people esoterically meet together, exchange ideas and keep performing their esoteric duties. These Unseen Men, commanders, men of genesis, hold meetings and conferences in the invisible world. At first they settle the affairs of the world in the unseen world which are latter on enjoined in the material world. They always number 360. The number increases sometime due to work load but never decreases. When a Ghauth departs from the world, one the three Qutbs is appointed in his stead. One of the Autads succeeds the Qutb and the vacancy created by Autad is filled up by one of the Abdals and so on and so forth. This department includes Salik (travelers) and Majzoobs (attracted people) of all sorts.

When it is overwhelmed by the attracted insane people (majzoob), destitution, confusion and riots take place in the world. When the sensible (Saliks) predominate, peace and comfort prevails in the world. Generally Ghauth stays at one place while other controllers travel about and are transferred. It is peculiar to these people that these arduously guard the secrets. Display and fame is poison to them. If any secret is divulged, they are immediately deposed from their office.

Abu Naim quotes Ibne Masud that the Prophet of Allah (p.b.u.h) has said, “There are some special selected slaves of Allah the Most High through whose prayers and felicity Allah The Most High showers favours to people. Causes it to rain from the heavens and grows crops for them from the earth. They are sources of peace and tranquility in the world and they resemble as a soul in a body. The hearts of some of them resemble the heart of Adam (p.b.u.h), Moses (p.b.u.h), Abraham (p.b.u.h), the other Israelite Prophets and the clierubims of other angels.

It is related from his Holiness Ans (Allah be please with him) in the book Karamat-ul-Auliya that the Prophet of Allah (p.b.u.h) said, “The world is never void of such forty people through whose blessing rain falls down from the heaven and the earth produces vegetation. They are called Abdals of my followers”.

Imam Ahmad quotes Abad son of Somit that the Prophet of Allah (p.b.u.h) has said: “Up to the Day of Resurrection there will always be forty men amongst my followers through whom the order and discipline of the earth and the heaven will be maintained.” His holiness (p.b.u.h) was asked, “What is their description?” He (p.b.u.h) replied, “They are the people who forgive those who oppress them and reward evil with good.”

Jalal-ud-din Sayuti (mercy be upon him) writes: The information about the Abdals given in the Tradition is true. Moreover, they are so continuous that they reach the degree of certainty. Sakhawi writes : The most reliable account of the Abdals is the one quoted by Imam Ahmad from Sheikh son of Ubaid who says that his Holiness Ali (may Allah glorify his face) said, “ Do not curse the people of Syria, Because forty Abdals live there. It rains through their blessings and they succor the faith”.

This does not mean that there are only these three hundred and sixty saints of Allah mentioned above. On the other hand there are many saints superior to them. This is special detachment of saints set up in the esoteric order and discipline of worldly affairs. They have nothing to do with the teaching of the Seekers. Only the Ghauth amongst them is a perfect guide and authorized teacher. All other are executives and workers of worldly affairs. The Unseen Men, as the name indicates, tour world and carry out business in an invisible esoteric personality. The common man cannot see them. For carrying out their functions they got the assistance of services of the esoteric appointed Angels.

Source: IRFAN written by Faqir Nur Muhammad Sarwari Qadari (R.A)

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  1. Mukhtar: Please visit the following link to download Irfan in Urdu.

    Irfan is also available in English in print form. I don’t know if its available online as well.

    Asalan: These people are human. They are present here and live like ordinary people. When someone dies, another one takes his place. They can communicate with each other using any common tool like phone etc. But they can also communicate by using Telepathy.

    By invisible means what they do, they do it secretly. There are many organizations and intelligence agencies whose operatives live among people. But, they do their work secretly.

    Here we are talking about friends of Allah Almighty who are blessed with special powers and special Knowledge.

    Please read the Holy Quran, in Surah Kahf, you will find about people who are blessed with special knowledge. Please read about Hazrat Khizar(A.S).

  2. I didnt get you. Are these people humans? If so they must be having families…….. so they must be doing something to earn a living……. N then how do they work if they cant be seen by us? if they do their own businesses then how do they communicate with those they deal with? If they trade, how do they sell while staying invisible?


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