The Media

If there is a phenomenon that characterizes our era is the dizzying bombardment of information which we are daily subjected to for years to increase further. In my opinion, this is interpreted positively the human brain to develop and to keep in perfect shape, agile and flexible, needs stimulus, as varied as possible. And it is what allows us the widespread use of newspapers, books, magazines, publications of various kinds, but also CDs, CD-ROMs, films, audio and video cassettes, television and finally, last but not least, your computer and “network of networks”.

Now more than ever before is available to everyone the possibility of complete autonomy in its cultural and professional training, satisfy their curiosity, use your free time creatively and rewarding. Of course there is also criticism about this state of affairs, who regrets than ever today as the masses are narcotized by television programs aimed stunning and publications. Often the excessive quantity of information, sometimes contradictory, and the violent images coming into our homes.

The spread of computers and the Internet is a little summary of the contemporary situation. The computer now saturate our lives, is an instrument of fun and work, study and play. Its operation, precise, mathematical has come to influence our way of thinking and judging. As for the Internet, the fact remains that they are at your site clicks libraries, universities, newspapers authoritative, humanitarian agencies, etc. Everyone is free to choose according to their own inclinations, their emotional and cultural development, their personal history, their sense of responsibility. We will also be an era of decline and crisis, but in my opinion rich in opportunities for all.

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