The lost respect and prestige

For any independent state to ensure sovereignty, both legal and practical, it is very important to have a military strength. No state can survive without military strength as it is the most decisive, publicized and incalculable kind of power. States despite being nuclear power can never let go the prestige of their military. Before Pakistan 1998 when Pakistan was not a nuclear power, it was always and only the military that secured Pakistan from India that had turned nuclear in 1974. The conventional arm race was always there.

But after Pakistan became nuclear though one side of Pakistan’s border was secured but unfortunately Pakistan’s military started losing its integrity, prestige and grace. The damage caused to the army of Pakistan due to Pervez Musharraf’s doing will take long to be undone. Further due to recent deteriorated law and order situation in tribal areas of Pakistan, where for good or bad military operations are taking place, has further created distrust within the polity for military. There are always many ways to win a battle easily but always very difficult to sustain a position. Call it bad luck of this nation, the military has also indulged itself on the losing side.

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