The League of Barbarians…….. Pakistan Police!!!

Pakistan Police

In recent weeks much hype has been created by the videos being shown on different media channels, where the so feared “TTP” style lashing seems to be the weapon of choice for the Pakistan Police. Although the videos are new and so are the concerns of human right groups around Pakistan, but this practice of police especially in Pakistan is as old as I can remember. Some years back even the famous Robin Hood of Karachi,, Rehman Dakait was also seen in a video, being given the dose of notorious torture while the very next day he disappeared with police claiming that they never had him in their custody.

Anyhow the topic under discussion shouldn’t be the suspension of those police personnel seen in the videos (for them unfortunate that their God Father role got exposed) but rather on a macro level it is time that this most influential Mafia or rather Cartel of our society should be amended. There is nothing more fearsome around us (ofcourse suicide bombing is the 1st) than being faced by police, even in the case where you are the victim and want some relief through them let alone the case where you are the presumed culprit.

The Police of Pakistan has one attribute that no other police in the world has…….”visionary detective skills”. They have facilitated the judges and magistrate in the best way possible….. because they never wait for courts verdict and treat every one in custody as if the “massacre of Rwanda” comes in his domain of sins. Like in other cases, all we hear is that it’s the system which is at odds and police is from within us and its our sin which we face in the shape of this institution, but lets get ourselves out of this excuse and find a solution which is logical as well as practical.

It’s a time tested proverb that “Authority always comes with great responsibility” and there is no denial to this. Unfortunately down here it is translated that greater authority requires greater exercise of power and that too in the ruthless way. One other feature with police is the excuse that ‘it’s the order from the higher authorities and we are help less”……in the book of successful subordination, the definition of “order” is highlighted in this manner……..”An order should be legal to be followed” but like in other cases this phrase has never been given due attention.

But we must not confuse ourselves with this paradigm that throughout our 63 years history, the police has never produced heroes on whom we can be proud of. We have wonderful example of the modern highway and motorway police, the highly trained anti terror squad known as the “black cats” doing extra ordinary work. In addition to this on the front line against terrorist some police officers have shown extra ordinary courage, and whenever this has happened the nation has hailed them with the highest respect.

For solution instead of trusting my dreams I rather asked a veteran officer from this force. His solution and observation inspired me a lot and this is something that needs to be shared with all. The selection criteria and the removal of transparent selection exams have contributed a lot to this menace. It’s a culture that for selection instead of skills a fixed price is set in advance and in the remaining slots all you need is the good will of some renowned politician to get you through. For this the hired officer always owe their faith to either those influential politicians or the money which has got them through. So the best way forward is that a transparent judicial or selection commission must be setup in order to remove this flaw from this institution. For the prevailing officers and personnel it is recommended that an internal inquiery commission must be setup to investigate complaints against the personnel, and they must be taken to task………………….

Let us make Pakistan Police a model institution for even the world to follow and a day must come where every Pakistani can with pride and security walk into their nearest station and let their grievances get settled………finally!!!!!

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6 thoughts on “The League of Barbarians…….. Pakistan Police!!!”

  1. @nazia. Pakistan cant really stand still and watch its people die. There will never be negotiation with the Taliban as we have seen before in the Swat case how do they react on table talks. If they are removed with power what other way you have? And in my opinion if sadly this seed has been planted we need to take care of it. Nothing is impossible!

  2. The whole police department is corrupt to the core. I used to know an inspector who was the owner of a big car showroom, while another (a very senior police officer) owned several properties in Karachi.

  3. This needs to stop! There is no1 to question these maniacs seriously! They should e serving the people of Pakistan by cutting on the terrorism within the country rather than promoting violence themselves. Sad to see this. 

  4. @yasir
    you can find within the writing that the good work has been clearly mentioned and there is no denial to it…….bt when 80% is on the wrong side…..i must say its hard to grant a “good label” for such a department

    @Hira Mir
    there is no denial… if u go to the books the internal disorder is not for army to look after…..its the duty of police and other internal law enforcing agencies……the few are worth giving medals who stood against Taliban alone while there fellows had made it to islamabad instead of saving the public lives dependent on them……

  5. The police have played a crucial role in this war on terror since its beginning but this surely does not mean that they somewhat replica the Taliban and begin to torture innocent civilians in open. This must stop! The citizens are becoming too immune to violence and this is not meant for the people of Pakistan as we are peace loving!!

  6. Police does need some structural and functional changes but it would be really unfair to label the whole police department as a failure due to the actions of a few. The police officers involved in anti-human right activities should be put to trial. However, we must not forget that at every road block, these are the people who check every car with their lives at stake every second.


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