The Last Call

Death is a very strange phenomenon for any living being. Jail authorities were dragging a convict to gallows. His knees were buckling. He was crying and telling every one that he is not guilty and should be let off not knowing that once courts write and promulgate judgements – right or wrong – the jail authorities cannot alter them. Seeing the condition of the convict, the Father on duty accompanying the authorities went to him and whispered some thing in his ears, which put the convict in relative peace.

After the execution, a newly appointed young official approached the Father and asked, “What did you say to the prisoner that brought him in peace before embracing death?”

“None can save you from death at this moment. But why are you worried? Every living being in the world has been sentenced to death. Only time and modes of conviction are different: some will go earlier than others, some will drown and some will burn to death. Wild animal, accidents, natural calamities, the doctors and healers will take the lives of some. You go, we all are following,” I told him.

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