The Journalism of “Anonymous Sources”

Just scrolling through The News, as it has been a routine as long as i could remember, I witnessed a very disturbing development, especially in the past 3 days. A top gun of this famous media group, often known as the rookie of investigative journalism in Pakistan, i will mention him only as A.A, has come up with yet another master piece, but like most of his feats, it is hard to judge for whom or on whom it is directed.

The story is regarding a father and son, supposedly abducted by the forces and later found dead. In his thesis like always, he has sighted his mysterious sources and some high ranking officers of claiming that they were under the custody, but later found dead. He has made sure that in the middle of a war, the CJ style judicial inquiry must be conducted as soon as possible, as his piece of writing is no less than a firm evidence.

This comes when nearly every segment of this profession has put there weight behind the government and the forces in this drive against the enemies of Pakistan. His “dare to differ” attitude currently and in the past, is beyond the understanding of a small journalist like me and many others out there.

First of all if this is the case, no one is saying that this inhuman act should be ignored but, if you are read and followed so much, you can easily derail the whole momentum, if you are wrong. It is clear that there is hardly any information that is coming out of that region, and the sources used by the person can easily be the double agents, bent on reducing the public support and misguiding the masses. In the past, it is a clear custom of these terrorist that they execute mercilessly any of there source, that becomes neutral or cooperates with the government. In that case, this element was never brought up in the entire report, which is very sad. This one sided opinion, which is causing so much harm, is simply hard to understand. The second element remains timing, with stories like these, it is clear that the main aim is to gain some extra attention, but it is hard to tell on what cost.

It is true that media, I also being its part, has become the fourth pillar of the state, and can bring all the other three to accountability tables, but this power and prestige comes with great responsibility, and if some one misuses it like this, on the bases of some unknown sources or own drawn assumption, soon the whole institute will be in the hard water. Its time to rise above from our self centered goals, as this country demands. Facts are what to be reported, but at least be sure that these facts are based on something.

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  1. I think journalism and television are affecting each other. Breaking news becomes trend & a verified news is not followed as much the breaking ones. Many have become so called Analysts by talk shows.


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