The Ideological Foundation of Terrorism

Before the war against terrorism can come to any definitive conclusion, its underlying philosophy must first be identified, along with the means to be employed. The starting point is the assumption that violence is a virtue in itself and a powerful means to solve social or political problems. While killing the innocents, damaging public order, and disrupting peace, any terrorist acts under the influence of ideas that have been imposed on him, coaxing him to believe that he is engaged in a justified struggle. Terrorism can be healed only when such people understand the mistaken illogic of any ideology that inspires terrorism and incites to violence—and when they realize that going along with it can never get them anywhere. Until those ideologies’ errors and contradictions are revealed, all measures taken against terrorism can be short-term only. Soon terrorism will emerge again, in different places and under different circumstances, behind a different mask.

We can be put an end to terrorism only be destroying its ideological infrastructure. Modern terrorisms ideological foundations in fact go back to Social Darwinism and the materialist tendencies derived from it. People exposed to this indoctrination believe that life is a field of struggle, and that only the strong survive. The weak are condemned to be eliminated. Man and, in fact, the entire universe, are both products of chance, therefore, no one is responsible for his actions to anyone else. These and similar ideas inevitably coax people into leading an animalistic form of life, where ruthlessness, aggression and violence are regarded as acceptable or even virtuous.

Anyone who resorts to terrorism, maintaining that violence is the only way to achieve his aims, is actually under the influence of Social Darwinism and materialist thought, no matter what his religion or race, or what group he belongs to. Modern terrorist groups that claim to act in the name of religion are also under Darwinism influence and materialism, even though they claim to carry out their terroristic acts in the name of religion. This is because of anyone who lives by the morality or religion revealed by Allah, it is impossible to approve of violence of any kind, much less achieve a “higher” aim by murdering others. Those who resort to such methods are therefore pursuing the exact opposite of the moral values upheld by religion, carrying out their actions under the influence of materialist ideologies.

In Islam denounces Terrorism, it was made clear that Islam fiercely rejects all forms of terrorism, no matter whom it may be directed against. In the light of verses from the Quran, it was explained how religion’s morality calls people to peace, tolerance, and convenience. Also stressed was the dishonesty of condemning only those acts of terrorism directed against one’s own side.

Such an attitude only weakens the fight against terrorism; and anyone living according to Islamic morality needs to fight terror in all its all forms. The foundation of that intellectual struggle is based on revealing the true morality of religion.

Today’s politicians, political commentators and academics agree that by itself, military force is not enough to root out terrorism, but it can be eradicated: by means of peace, tolerance, and love. All the divinely-inspired religions that Allah sent down by means of His messengers are helpful guides. The only way to fight terrorism is to heal the root causes through the love, affection, compassion, humility, forgiveness, tolerance and concepts of justice that religion’s morality instills in people—whom, following the verse from Quran “Allah calls to the Abode of Peace…” such fortunates will do their utmost to build a world full of peace and love.

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  1. hmmmm but technically speaking if we are going to categorize a terrorist act as materialistic….or people prescribing to a materialistic nature it must first be considered that ALL humans are inherently selfish. people will never do anything that does not benefit themselves, be it helping someone with their work (it makes me feel better) or be it investing money (possibility of monetary gains) etc etc the list is endless. secondly in regards to “justice” you must first realize that this is all dependent upon an individual conceptualization of this theme. to one person it might be “just” but to another it is the exact opposite. i think you are failing to look at the root of the real problem here and that is the lack of education and the socio-economic imbalance within all regions that harbor “terrorism”. thirdly the concept of religion in general is enough to instigate differing concepts of all of the above. the only way that there can possibly be “peace” and a halt to large scale “extremist” (which is ironically the incorrect word to describe terrorists as they are the opposite of extremists) is with 1 religion and/or the standard of education is brought up to even standards where free thought and knowledge can be given to everyone. this in itself would stop many conflicts etc etc. i do whole heartedly agree with the denounciation of terrorism as a manipulative form of religion which is used to gain something at the costs of others. but that is life. cause and effect. however where i differ in you’re expressed opinions is the means to achieve this goal of decreased/halted terrorism within the world. in a modern wold i beleive that it can only be gained via education (schools universities etc etc etc) and technology. look at the statistics of universities built in Afghanistan for eg ( for eg originally 2 unis in Afghanistan and in 2005 there were 25 [or so] and 35% of people attending were female) this is one such example and should be applauded whole heartedly but unfortunately cannot be decisively achieved without some form of “military intervention” because obviously to the ruling the education of subjects/plebs within the state lessens their power.
    furthermore love is not needed to eradicate this problem i can perfectly co exist with people i dislike it doesn’t mean i go out of my way to cause them some form of detriment and hurt. and lastly and quickly tolerance is integral in everything we do but as aforementioned these “goals” cannot be achieved without some military means as you stated yourself “cannot be achieved through military means alone” (paraphrasing)
    anyways enough of my rant just some food for thought and very poorly expressed in such a rush.


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