The Homeless Billionaire

Forty six year old Nicolas Berggruen is a billionaire. He has three billion dollars but he doesn’t have a house. After making his billions, he has decided to give everything he owns to charity. He thinks money is not everything. For him, possessing things is not necessary. He doesn’t want to live in palace to show others that he is very rich. He says that whatever a man owns is temporary, since life is short and one has to go empty-handed to the grave. The more wealth you have, the more dependent you are upon it.

There is a lesson here for our billionaire politicians, who have looted the country and bought palaces and mansions in foreign countries. Why don’t they simply sell their properties and return the looted money to the people of Pakistan? Do they think that only wealth can buy respect? God forbid, if Pakistan breaks up, history will record that its disintegration was caused by selfish, greedy and dishonest leaders.

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  1. true , thinking about the ample amount of money these people have , even if a fraction is utilized for welfare of people it could be revolutionary. Ms. Bhutto was one example and now her widower Mr. zardari is


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