An epidemic is a rapid and extensive development or growth, usually of something unpleasant . Though with reference to our president many might disagree with me on the latter aspect. It will be politically incorrect to tag the recent restlessness in the country to be sudden . An obvious rational mind can determine the underlying causes of the outburst in the country today.

Like many I stand clear with my fellow countrymen on the stance against the President. However what I can not come to terms is the fact that the resignation of the President is the answer to most of the queries. This GO MUSHRRAF GO EPIDEMIC seems to be a part of a greater regime. A regime to divert the focus of attention and to bring about a fake sense of relief. It is rather easier to point a finger then to lend a helping hand. Despite a significant history of accusations and “mutual agreements for public interest” , there still remains a share of awareness that needs to be spread among our people. The root cause for the outburst and prevailing uncertainties rests on the fundamental of forgotten ambitions.

For a common man it is not of relevance as to who leads the nation as long as they are provided with the basic necessities of life with ease. This is an obvious contradiction to what is being depicted today. The fact however remains with or with out Mush , our people have problems that need to be dealt with . There is more to the country and the problems of a normal man then just political turmoil . The media needs to stop wasting its time and energy badgering about our President. Rather there are far many issues that need to be highlighted . It would not bother an ordinary man to live under a Musharraf led government as long as his needs are met. However constant impositions of a false illusion of the root cause to the nation’s problems is leading to a state of dubiousness. Rather then blaming all our faults on the President himself , we should rationalize and solve the current issues.

As I speak for the ordinary Pakistani , there is a constant fear of negligence in my mind. The fear which has been backed by a history where the blame game over shadows a common man’s plea for relief.

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  1. Shakir arent you a little too obssessed with the population ? agreed there are many issues regarding that , but serioulsy thats not the solution to literally everything


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