The Gay Terrorist

Gay terrorist.bmp

This is OSAMA BIN SHOPPIN, the gay terrorist. You’re not likely to see him in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, where the men get aroused if they see too much flesh (whether male or female). But you might have seen him in foreign cities, where they don’t give a damn whether you prefer men or women or goats!

23 thoughts on “The Gay Terrorist”

  1. Uffffffff…Is that an Urdu word, or something you made up? Ah, it means the same in Urdu as it means in English, which is nothing. Zero. Nada. Kong. Zip. Figures.

    So kind of you to express concern for the well-being and functionality of my heart and–um–other parts. Rest assured I have no expectation that either will fail any time soon. Quite to the contrary, instead of expressing concern for my, ahem, functionality–a thought which, BTW, gives me the creeps–you might apply some consideration to your own ability to get it DOWN. Why’n’cha try the lanky sweet thaing in the pic; he’d just lo-o-o-o-ove to hear from you, betcha! Just a friendly suggestion–try typing with both hands for awhile, run Jenni the nekkid jinni off, banish her back to Never-NeverLand for a spell, O Wizard, put her little hijab on backwards, something. Maybe you’ll be able to focus, for once. The world will thank you.

    Y’know, you could run a couple of methane pipes down into that pile of dirty socks and cut your heat bill in half. Your Mom will thank you for it. “Oh, and he was such a CUTE little boy!” The poor dear. 🙂

  2. Uffffffffff, James, is it your new years resolution not to take a bath? All a stinking man like you ever does is repeat the same thing over and over again and you actually go ahead and call yourself the master? LOL. Buddhe, come up with something new. I’m starting to get bored. 🙂 Anyway, I will make sure I take it easy on you so that you don’t have a heart attack. I will only say what your feeble mind will be able to tolerate and I will also be considerate about your blood pressure. Buddhe, stop sounding like a whining little girl and try to sound like a man. Even if your homo, that’s ok, you can go back to staring at the picture. Once again, I’m sorry that you can’t get it up.

  3. Oh, Boy! Here we go, round an’ round! Yoooooooooo-shooooooooo, does your mother know you have a computer, and some of the silly things you do on it, like challenging ME, the MASTAH, to a verbal duel? I gotta hand it to you, little buddy, you’re really gettin’ courageous. MAYbe, just MAYbe there’s hope for you.
    And does your Mom know about Jenni the jinni, who has finally, FINALLY, taught you how to count to TWO, and with whom you spend so much time, doing things that good little 12-year-old gentlemen like yourself aren’t supposed to do? And has she looked under your bed lately, and said anything about your MOUNTAIN OF DIRTY SOCKS–AGE UNGUESSABLE, and their BLINDING AROMA, and where that pile goes at night (when you’re not sleeping in the middle of it) UNDER ITS OWN POWER?

    P’raps I shall write a Chowrangi article: OVERCROWDED? THE YUSHA SOLUTION “Nazims in Pakistan, long concerned with the problems of overcrowding in major cities, have at last discovered a method of clearing hundred-block neighborhoods, quickly. It seems that one Mohammad Yusha, part-time wizard and blogger extraordinaire, is possessed of a singular gift–the ability to evacuate large swaths of cityscape, in mere hours, of all life-forms able to run like crazy, by the simple act of bringing his laundry into the neighborhood and announcing his intention to stay. Since the discovery of his unique ability, Mr. Yusha’s popularity with city authorities has soared and his services are in growing demand. The Guinness Book–Dirty Laundry Division–has taken an interest…..
    Just think, Yoo-shoo, you’ll be FAMOUS!! 🙂

  4. @James: Knowing that you are a retard, it must have taken you a few days to write that comment. Anyway, take a bath and brush your teeth. The whole blog stinks because of you. Also, I’m sorry you can’t get it up anymore. I’m sure the picture above must have excited you. Waiting for your daft reply. 🙂

  5. @Yusha: Whatsamatter, little buddy? Has Jenni the nekkid twelve-inch redneck jinni been giving you magical wedgies again? She doesn’t like the little hee-jab you made for her out of one of your old socks? Maybe you should have washed it first. Hey, tell her I said Hi, if you’d be so kind, and, say, you still haven’t told me her sister’s name. *cackle!*

    I, um, hate to tell you this, but ya gotta stop lettin’ her pick out your shoes. That purple’s gotta go, mon…

  6. @Hend: I didn’t know we had your picture on this blog. At least now I know how the person whom I am taking to looks like.

    @Priviledged: You moron, at least spell your nick correctly. You ask others who they are to judge someone else’s fashion sense and then you say this, ” the entire rest of the world looks at most of south and southwest Asia and sees only dirty, grubby pyjamas worn with tea-towels and diapers as hats.” Who is judging now, you filthy hypocrite? You are an under-privileged moron who needs to get an education. Next time, make some sense.

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