The forgotten ideology

Pakistan and Israel are only the two states on face of the earth that were founded on basis of there respective ideologies. History is witness that people, communities and nations that have not respected their ideologies have faced dead ends. Ideology being a fundamental determinant of any states foreign policy must never be disregarded. It is the strong and firm foreign policy that is conditioned by the customs, beliefs and traditions of the people living within a state. Thus it can be said that foreign policy is interdependent on the ideology.

Islam being a complete code of conduct was nominated as ideology of Pakistan but due to the thousand years long rule of Muslims on sub-continent, the true essence of Islam was already diluted. Later after independence further manipulation of the religion’s teaching demarcated a number of menaces that have turned into monsters now. The rule of law superseded by power possessors and wrong interpretations slowly gave birth to individuals and groups that have today endangered the existence of Pakistan. Terrorists and militants did not appear after 9-11 events, but had been sown by the people themselves because we never remembered the reason of independence.

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