The Dreamworld!

Girls have strange thoughts and plans about their future. Usually a dream world is fantasized and the new dreams, wishes and desires are kept safe in this world. This is not their fault but the society has made them to think like that. Whenever there are restrictions from parents, they think that their husband would not restrict them. He would be an ideal man. But more often these dreams are badly shattered and the girl’s life is destroyed.

Just to think…A girl marries off and leaves her family behind, giving everything to her husband. Now it is her husband’s responsibility to be with her in all possible situations, because in the other home, only husband is the friend and above all the life partner. Both should now share everything with each other and both have to look for each other’s needs. The wife should have at least the freedom of expressing her feelings. If restricted in any matter, the wife should now compromise for the sake of husband’s happiness. If both of them try to move on their own ways, the marriage is likely to break or is just bound weakly.

So, one has to compromise. So why not compromise happily?

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