The Data Warehousing!

Data warehousing is an increasing technology that enables information processing to be done in an efficient and reliable manner. It is the physical implementation of a relational or multi-dimensional decision support model which gives you enterprise the information it needs to make strategic decisions. It supports business analysis and decision making by integrating data from multiple, incompatible systems into a consolidated database. This transformation of meaningful information allows employees to perform more substantive, accurate and consistent analyses.

The goals of this are to:

  • Enhance overall data availability.
  • Make strategic business decisions.
  • Decrease information technology resources required to build and maintain reports.

Some of the uses of data warehousing are:

  • Significant cost benefits, time savings and productivity gains result from using a data ware house fro information processing.
  • Data is easily accessed and analyzed without time-consuming manipulation and processing.
  • Decisions are made more quickly with confidence because the data is both timely and accurate.
  • Information is consolidated into meaningful categories specified by users.
  • Trends can be analyzed and predicted using historical data.
  • This also ensures that everyone is using the same data at the same level of extraction, which eliminates conflicting analytical results and arguments over the source and quality of data.

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