The Custom of Joint Families

In the West you will not hear about mothers-in-law abusing, harrasing and torturing their daughters-in-law. You will not hear about fathers-in-law lusting after their daughters-in-law and often raping them. You will not hear sons getting brainwashed by their mothers who can’t stop complaining that their daughter-in-law doesn’t serve her properly or did not make tea when she asked her to.

When two or more families live together it becomes the perfect place for comparisons to occur and jealousy to take birth. It is obvious that not everyone will be in the same income bracket and therefore lifestyles will be very different.

We are a developing country and until the evil custom of joint families is eradicated from our society be assured we will always be developing.

7 thoughts on “The Custom of Joint Families”

  1. I am a fan of joint family system, i think it is not an evil prevailing in our society rather it is a gift by our culture to us. we are not supposed to follow the western values. every society is differ from every other society and can be sorted by its familial, political, economic, rligious, and social values and systems. We can not blame joint families for rape, jelousy and other evils, rather it is our perception which can direct the way of joint family. so we should strength by using the benifits of joint family and remove all it,s negativity.

  2. its not always so harsh I think and besides the issue with satellite families lifestyle is economics… if son doesn’t earn much how is he going to get spouse a seperate house with all the kicthen and utility expenses taken care of..??
    Very few people would live with paremts if this issue is resolved.
    PLUS what does islam say when the parents are old can the son leave the house?? people have misconception that its a great disrespect to old parents thus its a sin…. then some spiritualist modernists would say hey u are blemishing your karma, stick with your parents if you want your kids to show some respect in your such years ahead?!?!? There an average man with money is also confused!:)!

  3. Mr Yusha, are you the same guy / gal who used to write some rabid articles earlier? Such a drastic change in tone 😉

    Looks like the Ramadan fasting is doing its trick. hehehe

  4. Well, I am not a fan of Joint Family System too and I think this practice should be terminated from our society.

    But over here in West, Sons-in-law are always tired of mother-in-laws, I wonder why…. 🙂


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