The Cursed Brothers from Sialkot!

Media screens all across Pakistan and the world have been occupied by the grief stricken families from the recent floods, which are well above 20 million across Pakistan until now. Some where between this I was shocked to see the images which closely resembled the terrible days of TTP in Swat.

Two boys hanging upside down from a pole, with blood rushing out from every part of their body but above all this, they were still breathing, of course not for long. Later in the day the screens again flashed with mobile clips showing the exact event, where right in the middle of the city a mob had gathered along with a sizeable presence of police. To my amazement and horror some people in the presence of all these entities were beating the two unfortunate brothers from Sialkot in a manner which is regrettable even for the animals. With sticks in their hand, it took few minutes for both of these living souls to reach their painful and merciless climax.

Later as usual, reports were tempered alleging them as bandits, which were taken to task by the natives. Ofcourse we are not talking about streets of Karachi where a campaign like this started. After being haunted by street crimes for years, the Karachiites were force to take such action, just to make the law enforcing agencies realize what they are placed to do which was also wrong entirely. Now it is reported that the whole barbaric episode was caused by a petty fight over some cricket match, which turned so ugly.

After witnessing the reports, the top court headed by CJ Iftikhar has started the suo moto action against the alleged culprits of the episode. The nominated law breakers also include police officials from that area, and rightly so. The proceeding and legal formalities will take its due time until we see those responsible for this act behind the bars for good. Having said this there are other aspects to this unfortunate episode as well.

The police officials for sure never intervened thats clear, but one is left amazed regarding the mindset of the mob which had gathered at the scene. By not stopping it in any way possible, nearly all of them have supported this barbaric event in one way or the other.

For our police standing as spectator, they are morally dead and they should be punished in a manner which becomes an example for others in uniform. Except showing their muscles on innocent and the weak like we saw outside Bahawalpur Medical college, its rare that they have committed something worth mentioning.

To the honorable CM of Punjab, it is requested that in the list of your reform policy for Punjab, allot the top slot to this wild ” Police Culture” prevailing in the province. For the family of these two brothers, CJ Iftikhar has emerged as a ray of hope and we are sure that atlast justice will be done to those, whom naming human is a disgrace to humanity.

8 thoughts on “The Cursed Brothers from Sialkot!”

  1. i agree Shahana ,we should all come together stand together cause UNITY builds strength and nations ..inshallah pakistan will RISE

  2. Now this is the right time for all pakistanis to come together and should killed these bastards and barbarians, including all policemen and the bloody bitch (Firdaus Aashiq Awan) in the same pattern as they did with the innocent children.
    We shud not wait for the justice, The justice now is in the people hand. Please come out……. Please……. Please

  3. one can not curse an entire nation for the actions of 30 individuals .unfortunately these cruel perpetrators was born in pakistan to some unfortunate mother who is now disgusted at having a son so vile .i have just returned from this country and for many years have met residents of pakistan and still i found a loving and caring people amongst all the negative situations imposed on pakistan . a country with patriotic nation is sadly being sunk by individuals such as the culprits who killed theses innocent boys and dont get me wrong i am disgusted an saddened by this atrocity i pray that justice will be given to them and their family .its not advisable for us as muslims to ask for lanaat on anyone especially not the entire nation of which many innocent people are suffering ,God is not in favor of bad duaa but as people we can rally for justice we can ask for them to be brought to task ,and continue praying for the Butt family nd their sons ……the fore-fathers of nations ussually leave countries in the state they r today so please Non-Resident of pakistan dont ask for an entire nation to pay for these individuals action let us help the country survive this calamities ,let us help the orphans and widows let us protect our people who are in need of our help…we r negotiating aid in south africa for the people who r homeless in pakistan now a question to IBB -should we forget about this effort because these culprits has committed this brutal act …no we need to show them that there is people like us willing to aid and protect the innocent ,the poor and the hungry …inshallah Allah will grant emaan to all of us and janaat to our deceased .may we have the strength to get through these calamaties may he protect your families and all of us AMEEN…

  4. I have lost ALL faith in Pakistan – Lanat on this nation and every single spectator. I have 2 young sons who are younger than the 2 brothers but remind me so much of these 2 shaheed brothers. I will not be returning back to Pakistan for a very long long time. Today I agree – Paistan is a FAILED STATE. Pakistan has lost all hope and humanity. The floods are Allah Azuwajjal Azhaab on a Godless people.

    You are a barbaric, brutish people with no Islamic etiquette and absolutely no morals. The fault is not with just one people or one culture but this disease of a immorality is rampant amongst each and every one , of you Pakistani. You have NO one to blame but yourself, each and every individual in paistan is to blame. Until you do not change then Pakistani Society wills eize to exist and you are headed towards a turbulent lawless arachaic society. People are the very atom of society, change yourself and Society will change itself. elect better politicians to represent you.

    Please all make dua for the family of these 2 Shaheeds.
    They have claimed their place in Janaah – sweet pure souls and Hafiz-e-Qu’ran.

    A disgusted non resident Pakistani. If we Non resident Pakistani’s loose faith in ALL of you – then who will support Pakistan. I would sooner send my hard earnt money to Bangladesh or Afghanistan.

    Please Pakistan hadh hoh ki hain – ab to badal jao – Allaah key vaastey..please.

  5. This country should not exist anymore. It is cursed and rightly so It has become a circus of the world and we are a laughing stock. In the month of RAMADAN these people have committed the highest of sins ever. My prayer for this month would be that the people that have done this should never be forgiven and never be allowed in to jannah…. and may allah grant the two brothers eternal paradise. Ameen.

  6. police officers who are responsible for the sialkot should be hanged up till death in the same manner as those innocent brothers.shame on us being a pakistani and being a muslim.

  7. This is the height of brutality, intolerance and savagery. Culprits must be hanged. Justice must be served. Police is a representative of state and once again the state has allowed the spilling of innocent blood when it could have saved the precious lives of teenagers. The government must declare, and observe from now onwards, August 15 a Black Day. Flag must be lowered and our heads must hang in shame on every August the 15th.

  8. So Ugly and the people did not even intervene and also the police its frightening. One would not beat an animal like and all this in the Holy month Shame on you Pakistan shame on you People of Sailkot.


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