The curse of terrorism

It is by and large believed that terrorism is the premeditated, unjustifiable and random use of ferocity against protected persons for furtherance of certain political as well as non political objectives. These acts are performed by those group in a state that consider themselves above law. There is often a great confusion between phenomenon of political violence and terrorism. The term terrorism applies to a special category of opprobrious acts rather than to all acts of politically inspired violence.

In order to cope the curse of terrorism in any part of the world the governments or authorities must first of all deny terrorist and militants any form of legitimacy, and all make sure that they are starved of the oxygen of publicity. To fight terrorism with terrorism is sometimes denounced as a wrong strategy because replacing one evil with another one can do no good. Evil can be profitably replaced only with truth, justice and harmony.

Given where Pakistan stands today, as a weak and almost a dysfunctional state with a discontent society – it is high time that thundering battle crises against terrorism are abandoned. For us it is important to put our house in order and not get drawn into the battle of crises of those who in time will realize the weakness of there own position.

4 thoughts on “The curse of terrorism”

  1. i think terrorism is just a nigthmare n we will soon wake up…………i donot blame talibans or the government……AMERICA and INDIA is doing these attacks so that we always be a 3rd world country,it wants our nuclear power ,OUR ALT MINES AND ARE BLOSOMED BALOCHISTAN BECAUSE OF IT,S RESOUSES

  2. If u wana get rid of this curse u need to set the system for justice..The injustice in pakistan is the main reason of terrorism.. the true spirit of Islam is the only way to cope with it.

  3. i think we need sincere leaders who can understand our country’s situation and take correct decision without making people fool. we also need awareness and we should the path of our beloved founder Quaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinaah.

    Sara Sadiq

  4. I think that the Terrorism could not be stoped it could be reduced by making awareness of the people about it.
    The Illiteracrcy rate of pakistan is still high which is an alrming situation in this issue.




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