The curious case of Dairy Omung by Engro Foods

Engro Foods has emerged as the biggest and fastest growing company of Pakistan in past few years. Olper’s milk, O’more Ice cream and Tarang tea whitener are the best selling brands of the company with recent addition of Dairy Omung.

Price Comparison:

Generally tetra pack milk is expensive as compared to fresh milk prices. The Reason being obviously pasteurization and packaging cost but it’s worth it due to increased shelf life. Dairy Omung encourages public (particularly housewives) to purchase tetra pack milk instead of fresh milk by offering it at a low price.

• Liter pack of Dairy Omung= Rs 65

• Liter of Fresh Milk =Rs 70-75

• Liter pack of Milk by other Brands =Rs 85 (including Engro Foods brand Olpers )

All is well till now as you’ll be impressed that Engro Foods is such a nice company and it is facilitating consumers by offering a commodity in daily use at such low price. In love with Engro 🙂

Product description:

The tagline of Dairy Omung says “saf aur sehat baksh, fikar k bagher”( pure and healthy, without being worried), “sehat bhi bachat bhi” ( health and saving together) etc in the print and TV ads, cleverly avoiding the word ‘milk’. The tetra pack of Dairy Omung mentions it is actually UHT Dairy Liquid.

Dairy Omung UHT Dairy Liquid

UHT stands for Ultra high temperature or ultra heat treatment, a common method used for pasteurization. What’s confusing is the term Dairy liquid which even Wikipedia and Google fails to define.

Surprisingly Dairy Omung packaging informs about the ingredients too while every other tetra pack milk doesn’t do so. Dairy Omung contains Milk Solids, Dairy Fats, minerals and Stabilizers while Engro foods other brand Olpers Milk don’t have an ingredient list.

Engro Dairy Omung Ingredients list

Now this is suspicious isn’t it? The product is actually still to be defined ‘Dairy Liquid ‘not just packaged milk and it comes with ingredient list too. Confused?

Company’s Perspective:

Engro food’s website informs that Dairy Omung has been sourced from pure milk & it is an alternative to milk that is packed with the same amount of proteins and nutritional content as pure milk. (Aha! So it not just packaged milk)

On another site company says that the product targets homemakers aged 25-35 belonging to Sec B, who consume Loose Milk and are responsible for the health and well being of their family. Omung is a Dairy Liquid that offers them Value for Money so they can “Rise up to a better life”.

So you should be rising up to life by consuming Dairy liquid Omung which is for people belonging to Sec B (WTH is Sec B? people who consume Fresh milk/loose milk?). It means those who consume tetra pack milk belong to Sec A? I am confused :S

Dairy Omung is actually Tetra pack Milk?

It is evident that the company itself is not hiding the fact that the product is not pure milk but an alternative of it. The problem is the explanation is not reaching the masses. People consider Omung as inexpensive tetra pack milk which obviously it isn’t. How many of the housewives will bother to inquire about what exactly a dairy liquid is? General perception is that the company is offering Omung at such competitive price because it is not full cream milk as Olpers.

Whatever the case may be it is consumer’s right to know what they are buying and if the product appears as milk it should be milk not an alternative of it (which is only mentioned on the website instead of the pack).

16 thoughts on “The curious case of Dairy Omung by Engro Foods”

  1. Is it true? Dairy Omung is low/ poor quality milk comparatively other brands existing in the market?
    FAT Ratio mentioned is not analysed by PCSIR.
    Chemicals, which are used, not mentioned properly so that consumer may read then go for buying.

    or Market is devaluing this company….kindly update your comments against my comments asked..

    thanks, and Regards,

    Mr. misbah sadaat abbasi

  2. so finally it has appeared in newspapers today that the product is not reliable and has failed laboratory tests
    See the following newspapers
    Jahan pakistan
    nai baat
    City 42


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