The Contract Social

Jean Jacques Rousseau was a French philosopher. His father married Rousseau’s mother only to desert her after his birth. From here started his sufferings.

He was considered a dangerous character. It is why he was hunted out form one city to another. He died unwept unmourned and unsung.

Contemporaries criticised his book The Contract Social when it was published. To them he retorted by saying that he could see the time when his book would be bounded by the skins of their coming generations.

There have been two seismic revolutions in the world: French and Russian revolutions. French revolutionaries during their struggle wrote three words on their flag – equality, liberty, love — taken form The Contract Social.

Lot many people including French King Louis IV and the Queen were guillotined during the Revolution. Their skins could have been used for binding Rousseau’s book if it were the custom.

All researchers agree that his was the mind behind the French revolution.

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