The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis

The Middle East is far from a few hours by plane, but it is difficult to decipher the events disturbing and bloody through this geopolitical for decades and in recent months. I do not know whether its worst of our time, in terms of victims and cruelty perpetrated in many African perhaps worse happens every day but certainly the Palestinian question is the one that occupies the top priority in the foreign policy agenda of the main nations of the developed world and in the minds of their citizens, to become the paradigm of a clash between two civilizations, the Arab and Muslim on the one hand and Western other.

The situation appears to us that we look a bit from afar, enigmatic, a real rebus. Too many variables involved, the chain of hatred and resentment, racial and cultural misunderstandings, humiliation and suffering that since 1949 characterize the coexistence of two peoples, Israeli and Palestinian. Living perhaps already made difficult by the territorial division of the area. The Israelis feel threatened in their security and their right to establish themselves in the nation, the Palestinians feel oppressed, colonized, forcibly evicted from their territories.

At a certain point the situation became unbearable to the point that the Palestinians have organized terrorist attacks handled suicide bombers that are wrapped bombs leave explode by victims among civilians, making it impossible to millions of Israelis waiting at the most common daily activities shopping, dancing, working, having fun normally, making them prisoners, sombre, hood of fear. The reaction of the Israelis was a war, which they described as “against terrorism”, which is assuming ever more connotations of mass extermination, at least judging by the news disseminated by the media.

Of all the possible solutions of the Middle East conflict, which seems to be the worst. You do not need to be professional psychologists to understand that the escalation symmetrical, the spiral of violence triggered cruelty, is the worst way to solve any conflict, even among peoples. The military victories achieved can really transform, to play along in Pyrrhic victories. The violence only serves to fuel the rebellion and hatred.

The only way to undertake appears that dialogue, mutual concessions, compromise, mediation. The constitution, for example, of two independent states. The surrender by Israel, the occupied territories, the commitment of Arabs to accept a culture different from theirs. Of course, words are easier than in concrete, factual reality but Palestine is the land of miracles and hope must never abandon their hearts.

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