The Condition of Youth

Being young was more difficult in the past than today, at least from the point of view of material and economic conditions. Today it is certainly more in terms of psychological and existential.

The reason for this difficulty lies mainly in the word “freedom”. While we consider freedom the supreme good for man, I would argue that, contrary to what is commonly believed, the ability to choose between various options often creates anxiety or distress. In the past, the fate of each was largely decided by birth, the children continued the work of his father, not to talk about women, relegated at home. Trying to meet the basic needs, food in the first place, often undertook all the energies of individuals. Today every young person is concerned about his future work, emotional, spiritual, sexual, a number of options and opportunities unknown in the past.

Second, the social organization stands a myriad of obstacles to everyone. Who is called to choose, it must be done often in the dark. The job market for him is changing, but also in its corporate closing becomes a sphinx, especially for that young man who is devoid of economic means. Orienting among the many ideas and suggestions that the contemporary travel and constant relationship in their lives often is a huge task. And honesty must add that any choice made by a human being, as well weighted, can never fully defined sensible and correct, because they are always many unknown variables involved, as we taught the Nobel Prize for Economics Simon.

Young people are so often to bring severe crisis of identity, reinforced by the fact that society considers them mature as consumers but as people are forced for many years to economic dependence from their parents.

The world production should become more flexible, employment should be promoted with every effort. Finally, the school, the media, associations should produce an offer of culture that closely matches the young to read, study of ancient and modern classics. In my opinion, in fact, the high culture can be in many cases the most powerful medicine for the betterment of Youth.

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  1. since we are not at war and few understand what is going on te rest cannot believe it As if watching th fall lacrus ther sense the gods are angry but return quitly to th plough

    bt our leadr is sleep

  2. You r absolutely right bro, the environment, tradition, living standard, moral attitude even more over culture in being somehow changed..


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