The concept of global civilization

The concept of global civilization is adjusting its roots all over the world. Yes the term seems to attract many of us but I personally am not in its favour. If we glance a bit deeper it can easily be understood that this concept will be established on the pillars of freedom. Freedom like those of animals! Enter any where, eat anyone, sex anywhere. Unfortunately whenever we are introduced by any funky term like that of global civilization, enlightened moderation we began indulging them in our lives without giving a single thought of the repercussions it might create.

Global civilizations do aims at connecting people but on the stake of cultural and moral values. I said this because this concept has been introduced by those who lack or have forgotten their cultural heritage and have no moral respect for moral values. They believe in exploring the world while staking the innocence of innocent.

Yes it is important to be ignorant about certain aspects of life until just time does not come. For instance in our society when a child discovers about his sexuality, he/she is told about the concept of hell and heaven if a wrong is done, while in western society (that is influencing the world as global civilization) he/she is told to explore it. It is just like giving a knife in child hand and asking him how it works. Of course this will definitely harm him.

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  1. There have been attempts at globalization before. The Roman Empire was one experiment. It united many nations, but unfortunately it crumbled. Later the Ottoman Empire also could not survive because of the influence of extremists who did not believe in attaining scientific knowledge. The present attempt at globalization will not succeed unless there is justice for all the oppressed people of the world, who happen to be mainly Muslims.


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