The blessing of Taweez

Taweez is a gift from Allah SWT and if someone can get a proper Amil to give him one, he should be grateful to Allah SWT. Taweez are used for different purposes. They are used for rubbing on the body, boiling in water for drinking and for wearing for protection from Black Magic.

It is understood that Allah SWT is the one who does. There is no argument against this, but in Islam we are told to use asbab. What would you say about someone who refuses to wear warm clothes in the winter calling it shirk because it is Allah SWT who protects from the cold. After he becomes sick, he will probably cry in Tahajjud, begging Allah SWT to cure him, with warm clothes right next to him.

Let’s compare Taweez to medicine. Some medicines are taken in the form of tablets and syrup. Others, however, have to be applied on the body, for wounds, cuts etc. Not all medicine has to be taken through the mouth. Similarly, while a person may read the Holy Quran, it does not mean that he cannot wear Taweez.

When Amils write Taweez, sometimes we may not be able to undertand what is written with Musk, Zafraan or even a simple pen. This is supposed to humble us and consider Amils very knowledgeable in their field. If we don’t know something, it is lack of knowlegde on our part, not shirk.

There are a lot of websites and people bent on misleading people with their so called knowledge that lacks depth and insight. They spare no efforts in advancing their shirk propaganda and taking people away from cures. These people should do taubah and astaghfar for calling Taweez shirk. According to scholars, calling Taweez shirk is shirk in itself. In this day and age we should use our common sense and stay well away from such websites and people.

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  1. @Peter Shaw,

    Its hard to tell if some is trying to con you, if the young man you talked about, can’t afford the books, then how comes he has internet to make his request? just a thought.

    But if a begger asks for help, one does not if he really in need or its a business for him, but Islam teaches, generally speaking, people give, because they can’t be certain if that person is really in need, so they give in charity, to be on the safe side, and leave God to decide upon that person.

  2. I need some help, sadly, because there is much confusion about web scams and, as you know, the Muslim world. I received an email from a man who says he is a student in Pakistan. I am a writer and he is asking for my books to be sent to him for free. I will do so without hesitation if he simply cannot afford them – but is it likely that this is a real request and not some sort of scam? Have any of you heard anything like this being untrue? I don’t want to waste time and effort if it is not true, but if there is a real young person I can help, I want to help them.

    thank you

  3. Muhammed: You still haven’t told us why wearing Taweez is unacceptable. Only that there are frauds so it is better no to get one. Please reply or admit that you are a misleader.

    Sahi Raasta: It seems that you are a little short on knowledge. Maybe they don’t teach you properly in Saudi Arabia. The first thing is that there are many things that the Holy Prophet didn’t do, such as using internet, cell phones etc. Does that make all these things bidah and shirk? If someone propagates Islam on the internet, is that wrong, because Prophet Mohammad (SAW) didn’t do it.

  4. Dear ALL


    If Taweez is blessing from Allah then Why is it that the prophet never had a taweez on him? Why did he tell one of his wives to remove such charms?

    Video, TV, Internet and Books all can be haram or halal based on how they are being used. If you use the TV/VCR/INTERNET/BOOKS for P__N or for harming others then they definitely are SIN.

    If instead they are being used for benefiting you as a muslim and to carry out your religious duties then they are a blessing from ALLAH.



  5. You have deviated from the topic. We are discussing Taweez, which you have called unacceptable, and when I expose you, you change the subject to Amils.

    Even then, I will discuss Amils with you. You have stated in a number of places, in a lot of different posts that Amils deal with jinns even if they ask for the tiniest bit of info. To begin with, what gives you the right to say that they deal with jinns if they give Taweez or ask for some info. Secondly, even if someone has jinns, how do you know they are not Muslim jinns. Why do you keep giving fatwas that it is not acceptable to go to Amils or get Taweez.

    You could have asked simple questions in a simple manner, but due to your arrogance, you abused and slandered, and you gave fatwas about Amils like a knowledgeable scholar, while admitting that you don’t know much about this subject. Due to your arrogance you have been blind to what I have been saying, and instead of opening your eyes, you abused and slandered. You acknowledged your ignorance with your very first comment on this website, so you should really have been open to what I was saying, but you continued to slander, lie and give fatwas.

    Look at your last comment in the post Black Magic. You actually called me a fraud. That is for someone who has given over a year’s effort, hard work and help without anything in return.

    Why don’t you look at yourself before pointing fingers at other people. Yopu cannot write two sentences without abuse, slander and name calling and then you act like some kind of saint. Please stop your hypocrisy.

  6. Salaamualykum

    @Muhammed Yusha: You really are one very sad and strange person, I’m really glad you had one hearty laugh. But what’s not so funny, for you that is, is your inability to read and comprehend what I’ve been saying all along. Alternatively you’re a malicious and impudent character, unable to articulate himself in the field of sincere and civil behaviour and discussion, only ranting and raving.

    Once again, I ask you to go back and reread my posts. You will notice is that I have said, any “Amils” using Jinns (call em what you may) are committing SHIRK. Note that the key word is “using”, however if the Amil is NOT using Jinns, then clearly this does not apply, does it? Did you understand that or not? Reread this paragraph before you move on to the next, so that you fully understand what I have just said.

    Now reflect again. Where have I have slandered an Amil who does not use Jinns? WHERE?

    So now, repeat again, if your Amil(s) does/do not use Jinn(s), then what the hell is your problem, unless of course you are guilty in one form or another.

    Speak soon, Inshallah.

  7. Muhammed:

    Just because one can’t tell the difference between a fake and an Amil means that Taweez becomes unacceptable??? This is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever read. This is like saying it is unacceptable to take medicine because there are people who pretend to be doctors. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

    One more thing. You just told us that going to Amils is shirk. Now you are telling us that the only problem is differenciating between an Amil and a fake, which means that you admit to LYING about Amils and SLANDERING them. The more you write, the more you expose yourself!!!

  8. Salaamualykum, brothers and sisters

    All visitors of CHOWRANGI please please read Mr. Yusha posts, all of them; you will see that he has no problem with so called Amils asking for the patients’ name, and the patient’s mother’s name, or nail clippings, or hair etc. THIS IS WRONG in the extreme, its against the teachings of Islam.

    Mr. Yusha’s so called Amils who ask for the above personal information and stuff, deal with the Jinn, these people who deal with the Jinn are committing Shirk.

    Don’t just take my word for it, Please do your own research and you will also, Inshallah, you will also come to the same conclusion.

    Also please note that people who of go these so called Amils who deal with Jinns are also committing a major sin, and Allah knows best.

    Speak soon, Inshallah

  9. Salamualykum,

    @Muhammed Yusha: Taweez to wear is unacceptable. in this era one can’t tell the difference between an Evil Amil and a Good Amil, hence it is better to resort to Ruqyah (Manzil as you call it), either do it yourself or ask a Raqi. but only in accordance with the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.

    Speak soon Inshallah.

  10. Dear Brother Yusha,

    If someone asked me to wear warm clothes to protect myself against winter I would definitely do so. Because it is not shirk or Haram to wear warm clothes to protect yourself.

    BUT, If someone told me that taking a sip or vodka or wine can make the effects of winter go away. I would outright reject it. Because intoxication is haram in Islam.

    Any kind of innovation for the material benefit of HOLY MEN / AMILs is shirk.



    Calling SHIRK as SHIRK is NOT SHIRK. (Once again read the definition of SHIRK).

    May Allah guide your and us all to the right path.

    Allah knows ALL


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