The Black Sheep

Some days ago, I met a girl from some University who was very brilliant and sharp. While talking to her, she told me about her university. That university is in Islamabad with co-education system. She told me that there are some teachers who keep the rule “favoritism”. Like the girl who talks much with the teacher and goes when called in the office are favored much. Some may be awarded because of their beauty and styles. And so the assignment of marks is also on the same basis.

I don’t say all teachers in that university but some. These “some” make all people think negatively or having bad opinion about all. There are many girls who are not allowed to study in such universities. Some prefer to drop the studies and some take admissions in colleges while dreaming about universities.

Doesn’t matter how pious you are but you are notorious if you study in a university that is notorious. I really suggest that strict action should be taken to punish such people so we can study in a better environment.

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