The angry Jackal

The 26th November terrorist attack on Taj Mahal hotel has made Indian leadership very angry and confused which is evident from their perplexing statements which Pakistanis are used to listen for past so many decades.

It reminds me of a tale of a Jackal who looked very angry and aggressive towards his opponent. With fire spewing eyes and open mouth exposing his sharpened teeth he was moving two steps forward and immediately two steps backward. When asked, as why he was doing this, he replied that by going forward he scares his opponent. When asked why then does he go backward? He said, “I am also scared of my opponent”.

Same is the scenario with Indians who have become belligerent and emotional but indecisive whether to wage a war against Pakistan or not to justify their baseless accusations. On the contrary Pakistan has adopted a defensive, apologetic and stagnant policy right from the beginning which has instigated India to commence an offensive posture against us. In 1962 we allowed them a free hand to counter Chinese in war. After defeating India in 1965 war we lost it on the table in Tashkent. In 1971 we allowed them to disintegrate Pakistan. General Zia bestowed upon them the Saichen heights without much resilience.

Surprisingly and to the disappointment of 170 million people, our democratically elected government is following the same policy, providing the angry jackal not to move backward this time and going ahead to alienate us from rest of world and then consume us as a delicious morsel. A few voices have been raised to counter India in their own language, which are waiting a response from PPP lead government till now.

Former COAS Gen (retd.) Aslam Baig has recently advised the government to pull our 130 thousand troops from western boarder and deploy them on the eastern boarder to counter any Indian threat. Similarly, renowned nuclear scientist Dr. Samar Mubarakmand has asked the rulers not to adopt flexible behaviour before Indian allegations. “We would have to live with respect in the region. Our weakness would enhance strength of enemies,” he remarked.

Observations made by these two renowned gentlemen clearly reveal the sentiments of our people which are similar to those of May 1996, when India tested five nuclear bombs. No nation in the world wants a war knowing the devastation it can bring and its after effects, particularly, when both the opponents are nuclear armed. It does not mean that one should face disgrace just to avoid a war.

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  1. my country is facing enemy from two sides:
    One outside my country who dont THINK India is a secular state.(Pakistan)
    Another inside my country who dont WANT India to be a secular country.(VHP,Bajarang dal)
    This tells the whole story.

  2. its ur mere misconception that muslims are in very poor condition in India.If thats the case why are my muslim bros. Still in my country? Why Shahrukh a superstar in my country? There are around 10-12% of muslim poplulation in my country. And u can see this representation in any form ,in class in my society.
    The prob. With pakistan is they just cant believe that muslims are living united with hindus for last 60 yrs. after independence.that is sumthing against the principle on which pakistan was formed!
    This picture of poor muslims may have been potrayed by ur media.My best friend is Farhan and we share our thoughts, beliefs and he even taught me to read urdu.
    I see pakistan as pakistan(a state which want to destroy my country and to take revenge of 1971) and not as an Islamic country because that would be derogatory to my muslim brothers in India.

  3. shall we bring nepal, maldieves, sril lanka, tibet nexilites, afghanistan etc etc into the picture as well? the mere misconception of indians to be a superpower by bullying pakistan after getting on shoulders of west is surely act of a wise nation, u think? why is it that each time an indian comes and critcize us forgets what pesudo-securalism they preach. What secularism? gujrat is also a great example of it. Also champions of secularism are LK Advani, moodi, RSS etc they are all mainstream indian leadership. Yesterday we saw another example of secularism when the mere mentioning of karkare in lok sabha made all of fundamentalist and TERRORIST hindus turn in their seats.

    All of us know how TERRIBLE is the condition of Muslims in india .. e.g they cannot even utter without being afraid of dying by hindu balvais or whatever they are called. Please mention here whats the literacy rate in muslims, what percentage they occupy in fedreal and provicial beaurocracy, and if they can buy property anywhere in India???

    The involvement fo RAW cannot be ruled out in terrorism its just not time for us to wave it to the world. Dont get carried away too much. Why 13 consulates in Afghanistan, whats happening in karachi and balochistan mainly u guys think we dont know? the clandestine approach of RAW to play havoc in poor countries like nepal, sri lanka, maldieves etc speaks volumes of your innocence in the region.

    Pakistan establishment may be wise or otherwise but the people of Pakistan know verywell how to respond to hate and love.

    Now jagjit says adnan sami cant sing? hmmm are all guys so scared of your hindu fundamentalists they must be a killing machine man. First the insulted atif aslam. Now they dont wanna play cricket? is this a policy matter ayush to cry false each time. To dishonour your guest? yeah secular and INCREDIBILE ARE WE!!! 3 cheers for you.

  4. one more thing .. Late mr. Ayub khan.. Pls read this article . Abreen kazmi is saying”after defeating India in 1965…”. Thats y i commented on it..

  5. .its indian airforce!! Consisisting of hindus, muslims, sikhs, christians, jains, buddhism..
    .U will not understand secularism becos ur country was established on mere belief that hindus and muslims cannot live togeather. But India has proved it wrong.The muslims are residing in my country . I have many muslim friends and these 150 million muslims living in my country have proved it wrong.
    Remember 16 dec 1971 .. U country was torn in parts..
    Do u knw abt kargil war 1999?
    U army without the knowledge of ur P.M was in kashmir waging war with India.ur country didnt accept their bodies but accepted this fact later.
    World can see who is getting humiliated .

  6. who said we won 1965??? it was a stalemate

    but look at the statistics and figures….we shot your air force out of the sky like they were little birds….

    read the article ”the day PAF got away” (written by hindustany)

    read about Sajjad Haider who single-handedly blew up 9-10 Migs (brand new at the time) belonging to hindu airforce.

    as Yusha said –we dont want war…but if u start shit, we will stomp on your face with steel boots and humiliate your honour in front of the world.

    need we be barbarians against you?? just behave and we wont fuck you up

  7. correction… Nuclear test was on may 1999 and two days after this, pakistan also tested 6 nuclear bombs. Dont say that pakistan prepared it in 2 days to counter India.Both countries were preparing nuclear weapons quietly.
    This whole website is against India so its not possible 4 me to comment on them but it has few gud jokes and whenever i m want to refresh my mood , i read the stories here. Eg.Pak won 1965 war… Hahaha…. What a joke!!

  8. Excellent post! I really enjoyed the jackal example and the last sentence is awesome. Although the last thing one wants on earth is war, disgrace is also something one should not tolerate, although my mind is still spinning thinking whether one can actually face disgrace to avoid war. Truth is, I don’t know. All in all, a fantastic post!

  9. The only element that comes to mind for why the govt is being so naive, condescending and apologetic proper word in urdu would be “chaaplooss” maybe is nothing but stretching their rule and thats outright selfish. Why we are pretending to be weak when we are not. The “time out” of the present absolutely lethargic regime doesnt end. We are now faced with east and west border tensions. Displacement of troops to east may excite west to double up their own troops in west to attack fata and waziristan in a more gory manner. Balkanization of Pakistan is on the cards. Wr are facing humiliation by perpetuating slumber of diplomatic acumen and political shrewdness. blah blah blah sorry I lost interest this time…


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