The 2.0 Tag

In Pakistan and I presume in India too, the thing which is the sub-standard replica of a genuine thing is tagged as “2.0”, or as they say here in Urdu “Number do”. You could find a 2.0 of everything in Pakistani market. Whether its national or international brand, you are certain to find its 2.0 version very easily at surprisingly low rates.

Due to poverty and low incomes, many people can’t afford the summit-touching prices of genuine international brands, but their version 2.0 is easily and meagerly available at every corner’s shop. Whether its a Nike or Nokia, or McDonalds or Mitsubishi, you are certain to find apparently exact replicas.

We, in Indo-Pak subcontinent smile at the corners of our mouth, when we see people in the west discussing “Web 2.0” with so much eagerness. Most of us often wonder whether its a sub-standard replica of the original Web. One might want to just laugh or disgust it away, but for a while, just put your hand on your heart and think, that the number of frauds, viruses, worms, spam, spies, e-bombs, information diarrheas, etc was present in the original version of the web?

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