Terrorization of War

The so-called crusade of George W. Bush has put the world on the brink. Nobody is safe and billions of people in different countries of the world are feeling unsafe for different reasons from different groups of people.

People in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan are wary of United States aggression and the people of United States and Europe are wary of Al-Qaeda. Uncertainty is the name of the game and the hawks thrive in this kind of unassurance and the diabolical thrust of hawks to dominate the world and to make US a callous super power has almost succeeded and that is why there is lots of grudge against US in the international horizon.

Thousands upon thousands of people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and as an aftermath of these wars, thousands of people have also been died in other countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Libya and Syria. In the name of war against terrorism, Israel is also fulfilling it’s hegemonic designs.

The dream to make this world a citadel of peace and harmony after the world wards seems to be a distant memory. No lasting peace is in sight and after the bogey of the cold war, the world leaders have created yet another bogey of Al-Qaeda.

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