Tension Haywire in FATA

In rest of the country, the situation is very much excited as the resignation of Pervez Musharraf, the iron fist ruler for nine years has decided to step down, and it could be announced at any moment, but the situation in the tribal regions and the settled areas of NWFP is also very alarming and people have started to flee their homes.

Situation has become more tense, as the security forces are carrying out body search and have cordoned off many areas, and the spurts of fighting is going on between the pockets of the militants and the security forces in Bajour, Miran Shah, Dama Dola and various other areas.

Situation remained tense in Qambarkhel area of the Bara Tehsil in Khyber Agency following the killing of Haji Namdar, the head of the defunct militant organisation Amr bilmaroof Wa Nahi Anilmunkar. Haji Namdar was killed by a teenager during the morning sermon, and the things have become very alarming after that in the area.

Three persons were killed and a seminary was damaged as security forces continued operation against militants in the Swat Valley. Militants attacked the Sawaira Ghundai and Pash Khenai Army camps in Angoor Adda area of the restive South Waziristan Agency. Militants in Taghwan and Tiligram areas of Charbagh and upper parts of Kabal have again started an uprising.

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