Tenancy Agreement

Landlord = God.
Tenant = Soul of a human being.
Building = The whole world.
Rent = Worshipping the Only God and being good to other tenants in the building.
Furnished = Provided with all senses and parts of the body.
Blocks = Relations of blood and soul.
Alotment = Birth of a human being.

Not all apartments are equal in strength or beauty. Some apartments are fully furnished while others have a few things missing. Apartments are alotted to the tenants by the Landlord.

Apartments are in blocks, tenants that have a connection between them are alotted apartemnts in the same block.


– The tenant must pay the rent regularly otherwise there will be no responsibility on the Landlord.
– The Landlord will deal with any problem or damage in the apartment but it is the tenant’s duty to call the Landlord and ask for help.
– The tenants are allowed to do anything in the building with some restrictions. They are required to keep friendly terms with other tenants. If this is violated, the tenant will face problem in his apartment, his agreement can also be cancelled.
– The agreement is usually valid for approximately 60 years. It is in the Landlord’s hands, when He wants the apartment to be emptied.
– The tenants on account of their behaviour, will be promoted or demoted to any of   the two buildings HEAVEN TERRACE or HELL HEIGHTS after the agreement expires.

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