Tell the Truth to Makhdoom

Makhdoom Amin Fahim, the vice-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian is becoming a problem now, and he needs to be told in stern words that now he is being seen as someone who is playing in the hands of those forces who have been rejected by the people of Pakistan.

Asif Ali Zardari, the co-chairman of PPP has shown lots of soft corner in this matter and he still wants to keep Amin Fahim on the boat and doesnt want to create any discomfort in the rows of his party, but the pusche of establishment is not letting Makhdoom Amin Fahim come down, and this will in the end will make the future of Amin Fahim bleak.

Now is the time that Makhdoom Amin should see through the curtain of deceit and he should realize that his attitude and approach is not in the favor of his party and for the country and he should sacrifice his ego and he should realize that he is nothing in front of the larger interest of the country.

He must know that he is no longer the candidate for the Prime Ministerial job from the PPP.

2 thoughts on “Tell the Truth to Makhdoom”

  1. Who has given the non-elected politicians the mandate to decide the next prime minister. Mr Zardari and Mr. Sharif let the assembly elect leader of the house. We have heard enough.

  2. Nabeel Gabool said on GEO that PPP will not allow another jam sadiq (traiter+rebel )within party ..massive mandate in sindh means sympathy votes were in play and those MNA/MPA s won’t b given chance by pro asif supporter to make split in party …as far my info goes PML-N /foreign diplomat has provided video tapes of President-Amin meeting to Asif …other game Amin is trying to play in sindh assembly. 31 sindh assembly members didnot turn up at party meeting suggest if split exist 31+49(of MQM) might form governement there.

    wali and nawaz refused to see him…thats clear mesage to him and i guess even he succeed


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