Television – slow poison

I read a post by a writer about parental locks on TV and was forced to think that TV has become such a need that even after parental locks and parental guidance it seems that it is farz to watch TV.

What do people learn from TV. Men learn domestic violence. They learn that it is OK to beat your wife. Women watch stupid serials and they are pumped with the poison of jealousy. They think that they should eat their husband’s brain to get what the neighbour has got whether they need it or not.

Saas in Pakistan and India think it is OK to abuse their bahu. So many men watch their parents abuse their wife in from of them and do nothing ‘out of respect to their parents’. OUT OF RESPECT???? COWARDS hide behind ‘respect’. UNBELIEVABLE!

What morals does the TV teach kids?

In the name of ‘islamic’ education ‘scholars’ without even the basic knowledge of islam give lectures trying to mold deen to their desires. THEY ARE NOT SCHOLARS.

From the age of 11 and 12 kids complain about eye sight problems and end up wearing glasses.

Families sit together to watch an afternoon movie leaving household women red with embarrassment at some of the scenes.

Decades of research has linked TV directly to poor school performance.

What good is T.V.?

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  1. I agree, Television is possibly the least talked about drug.
    I have just started a blog and I plan on writing extensively on television and the problems that have come about from its’ pervasive use. I intend to use arguments made in influential books in the west, such as: Four arguments for the elimination of TV; Amusing ourselves to death etc.
    Please visit my blog if you are interested ..


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