Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan supported by Westerners

Sources report that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) led by Mullana Fazalluah in Swat valley were funded by western governments. The governments not only supported these Taliban but also facilitated the establishment of Mulana Fazaullah (Mulana Radio) and his militant organization in order to accomplish their other long-term strategic objectives in this area. On the other side, local people of the region have accused Pakistani agencies responsible for the horrendous security situation prevailing in the district.

There are also claims that western diplomats had been visiting Swat frequently in the previous two years. They also met various influential individuals in the region, extending a hand of financial support in a hidden manner. Sources said, “They encouraged the Mulana and his supporters to propagate their extremist code of ethics including emphasis on avoiding music, growing beards and strict observance of veils for women.”

It is also report that some westerners were also seen dressed in local disguise while meeting the mulana. Thus, it is alleged that foreign governments are responsible for the unrest in the tribal areas.

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